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Ali Ardalan

Ali Ardalan

Director of Disaster and Emergency Health, Tehran University of Medical Sciences

Ali Ardalan MD, PhD, is a pioneer in disaster risk management in Iran and the MENA region who was the driving force behind the creation of MPH and PhD training programs in disaster health studies. He is Director of Disaster and Emergency Health at Tehran University of Medical Sciences, an Adviser to Health Deputy Minister, and Director of Disaster Risk Management Office at I.R.Iran Ministry of Health and Medical Education. He was a nominee for the 2015 UN Sasakawa Award. Since 2012, he is a Visiting Scientist at Department of Global Health and Population at Harvard School of Public Health, and a Senior Fellow at Harvard Humanitarian Initiative. Dr. Ardalan is author and co-author of over 70 articles in English and Persian peer reviewed journals. He is a member of WHO/EMR Health Emergency Advisory Group, and a member of the UNISDR Asia Science, Technology and Academic Advisory Group (ASTAAG).


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