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LACA Concentrators Theses Index


Mai, Vi

"Contesting HIV/AIDS in Cuba: The Stories Behind the Headlines"

Garnsey, Camille

"The Context of Choice: Reproductive Rights in Cuba, 1937-2017"



Sullivan, Tom

“Las aventuras del Chelevaso”



Faircloth, Mariana

“Straight Outta La Sierra: Narcocorridos, Drug Traffickers and Their Challenge to Authority”

Lambek, Will

“Migratory Identities: Migration, Identity Formation, and Latina/o Immigrant Community Organizing”

Sarpong, Yau

“Lifting As We Climb: Afro-Brazilian Women in the Brotherhood of Our Lady of the Rosary”



Barnes, Taylor

“O Caso Herzog: A Censored Press Report Attack on Itself”

Khamsyvoravong, Malay

“Desempolvando: La Historia de Trujillo”

Siegal, Adam

“Indigenous Peoples, Indigenous Presidents: The Politics of Alejandro Toledo and Evo Morales”



Bracco, Aubry

“A Sea Cow’s Tale”

Littlefield, Amy

“And to this Day, Nobody has Shut Me Up: Testimonies of Oaxacan Women in the Fight for Justice”

Martinez, Marco Antonio

“Trapped: The Socioeconomic and Cultural Confinement of the Rio Grande Valley”

Morse, Ashley

“Drugs and Democracy: The Continuity of State Violence Against the Margins of Carioca Society”



Backus, Keriann

“Waorani Power: The Ramifications of Transnational Oil Corporations on the Future of a Hunter-Gatherer Society”

Cornell Gonzales, Grace

“Cuando con Otros Somos Nosotros (When we are with others we are ourselves) The Associative Experience of the Unemployed Workers’ Movement of La Matanza”

Cruz, Conchita

“Globalized Gangs: The Trans-nationalization of Maras”

Morrison, Kai

“Autonomous Human Development among the Guarani Indians of Bolivia: An Empowerment Model of Community Health Worker Education”

Novacich, Samuel

“Violence and Public Opinion in Rio de Janeiro”

Petri, Carrie

“The Small Town Fallout: Immigration Policy in Hazleton, Pennsylvania”

Samudio, Alvarado Cepeda

“Juana’s Stories”

Turnquest, Orville Carey

“Pax Americana?: The Latin American Foreign Policies of Presidents Kennedy, Johnson and Nixon”

Vasquez, Gladys

“Latin American Trans-nationalism: The Case of Guatemalans in Providence, RI ‘1960 to the Present’”

Zeichner, Natan Tzvi

“Becoming the Vanguard: Student Activism and Popular Organizing in the Greater Sao Paulo Area during the Abertura Period of the Brazilian Dictatorship”



Aguilar, Paul

“Disarmament: Action and Participation in Brazilian Civil Society”

Alton, Anna

“Que se vayan todos Amartya Sen’s Development Model: Argentina”

Cacho-Sousa, Jorge

“Promoting Citizenship through Education in Brazilian Favelas: a Study of Rio das Pedras”

Costner, Anne

“Designing Private Water Markets in Latin America: A Critical Comparison of Dynamism and Duplicity in Privatized Urban Water Services in Two Latin American Countries”

Cummings, Katherine

“On the Run for/from the Border: Romancing Communities, Border Crossing and Site-Specific Art Inventions in the Geopolitical Space of San Diego/Tijuana”

Duran, Leah

“Dirty Trick or Democracy in Action? Investigating the Desafuero of Andes Manuel Lopez Obrador”

Evarts, Linda

“Civil Society Participation in National Peace Negotiations in Colombia: A Key Actor Over Two Decades”

Jones, Abigail

“Memorial as a Tool of Dissent: The Social Efficiency of Performance in Latin America”

McDowell, Julia

“Indigenous Movements in Bolivia and Ecuador 1980-2006: Emergence, Action and Results”

Thompson, Cristina

“A Reflection on the Product of Cuentame de Cuba”



Bosa-Edwards, Dominique

“Wilfredo Lam: The Man and His Artistic Style”

Castro, Sandra

“Icons of Revolution: Ernesto ‘Che’ Guevara and Fidel Castro”

Cespedes, Elizabeth

“The Stranger Inside: The Haitian Revolution and Plantation—Slave Society in Faulkner and Carpentier”

Dean, Katharine

“The Politics of Reform: Ideology and Education in Nicaragua”

Garcia-Renard, Isel

“Building Solidarity in Rural Haiti: An Assessment of the Socioeconomic Contribution of Partners in Health and Fonkoze”

Juarez, Elisa Tatiana

“La Heroina Tragica en el Cine Contemporario Español y Mexicano”

Lopez-Noon, Nicholas

“Developing Sexuality across Border, Revolutions and Time: Chicanos and the Legacy of Colonial Latin American Gender Politics”

Lott, Claudine

“Dreaming with Open Eyes—Visions of Sor Juana, Personality and Sexuality”

Neel, Kira

“Whose Government?! A Multifaceted Approach to Understanding Bolivian Democracy”

Roman, Elda Maria

“The Chicana Feminist Familia: Literacy and Visual Representations of Select Chicana Icons”



Alper, Alexandra

“El Loco Que Ama: Abdala Bucaram’s Exceptional Rise to Power”

Bertenhal, Melissa

“Costa Rica: The Foundations of a Stable Latin American Democracy”

Fort, Alexander

“The Economic and Health Related Reforms of the 1990s in Peru: Analysis of the Outcomes”

Hayashi, Matthew H.

“Emerging Tactics of the Global Guerilla: Networks and Symbols of the Zapatistas”

Henry, Bruce

“Rethinking Assimilation of Second-Generation Mexican Immigrants”

List, Deborah

“Transmitting Democracy: Radio Victoria and Post-War Civil Society in El Salvador”

Littenberg-Brown, Michael

“The Privatization of Water in Latin America: Balancing Water as an Economic Commodity and Social Good”

Malkin, Jessica A.

“Education Policy Diffusion in Central America: A Case Study of School-Based Management Reform”

Plager-Unger, Clayton

“Photographs of Santiago”

 Purmont, Jessica

“Bridging Cultures: The Experience of Bringing Culture into the ESL Classroom”

 Saks, Adam

“Moving Pictures: Latin American Cinema and Human Rights”

 Woods, Meghan Moya

“The Impact of Structural Forces on Women’s HIV Risk in the Spanish Caribbean”



Bransen Gill, Rosemary

“Belis Ayón: Towards a Veiled Explosion of Self Expression, the Deconstruction of a Modern Stereotype”

Easterling, Stuart

“Rufino Tamayo and the Decline of Mexican Muralism”

Falvey King, Virginia


Fick, Virginia

“Civil Lawsuits in the United States Against Foreign Tortures: One Means of Finding Justice for Victims of Human Rights Violence”

Glidden, Trina

“Tradition for Sale: Music and Cultural Tourism in Cuzco, Peru”

Shield, David

“Prognosis Guarded: Argentina’s Healthcare System and the Current Economic Crisis”

Terry, Dawn

“Rethinking Political Freedom: Hannah Aredet and the Student Movement at Philosophy and Humanities Campus of the University of Chile”



Hernandez Mangana, Sophy

“Past the Mango Trees…”

Licon, Gustavo

“Indigenous Ecuadorian Movements: National Politics, Local Realities”

Pickard-Richardson, Jana

“Education for Change: Paulo Freire’s Pedagogy from Brazil to the United States”

Rider, Michael

“There is No Sin beneath the Equator: The Intersection of Sexual Mythology and Emerging Gay Communities in Brazil”

Witt, Maria

“Building a ‘Culture of Unionism’: CELTAC’s Approach to Organizing Maquiladoras of Juarez, Mexico”



Bryan, Camille

“Sara, a Black Girl in Buenos Aires”

Dominguez, Norma Diane

“Deporting the Unwanted: Salvadoran Gang Members”

Meyer, Manuella

“Paving the Road to Dictatorship: The US Occupation of Haiti (1915-1934) and the Birth of the Duvalier Regime”

Rosman, Ilana

“The Decline of the Chilean Communist Party: A New Analysis of Political Visibility in Latin America”

Tendell, Audrey

“Does the Blood of Africa Run Deep in Our Veins? The Role of Race in Cuba’s Foreign Policy towards Angola”



Allan, Edward

“Urban Development of Guatemala City from 1773-1971: Historical Antecedents for a Master’s Thesis on the Coordinated Metropolitan Governance of the Metropolitan Area of Guatemala City”

Barrett, Kelli

“Progress towards Gender Equality in Revolutionary Cuba: La Revolutión dentro de la Revolución”

Beinroth, Katrin A.

“Social Movements of the Colonized: The Case of Vieques, Puerto Rico”

Diaz, Vicente A.

“Culture and Disease Case Study: Hispanics and HIV/AIDS”

Gonzalez, Luz Alicia

“Redeeming our Nation’s Pasts: An Examination into the Construction of National Identities through Literacy Tests”

Maris, Liana

“To Be Educated is To Be Free: Formations of Self and Nation through Cuban Education”

Hassey, Bess

“An Exploration of Race and Education in Post-Revolutionary Cuba”

Miller, Spring

“English for Action: Reflections on the Pedagogy and Politics of Adult Language Education”

Osten, Sarah

“Zapatista Women: A Revolution within a Revolution”

Puckett, Cassidy Cody

“Travel Journal, Destination Nicaragua: A Virtual Representation of a Nicaraguan Experience”

 Vars, John

“Sustainable Agriculture in Tropical America: Overcoming Obstacles to its Adoption, Case Study: Organic Shade—Grown Coffee, Intay, Ecuador”

 Woodley, Alicia B.J.

“Gabriel Orozco’s Black Kites: A Mexican Cultural Icon Transformed by Time and Space”



Darsie, Willow

“A Foe in the Forest? The Chilean Military’s Opposition to Pulamín Park”

Drury, Emily

“The Development of the Chilean Forestry Sector”

Galvin, Ren F.

“Racialized Bodies, Idealized Space: Perspectival Politics and Visual Culture During Post-Revolutionary Mexico”

Guitart, Jenn

“Sun, Sea, Sex and Socialismo: Discourses on Sex Workers in Cuba”

Holovach, Rachel

“American Influences in Venezuelan Education: A Case Study of Ciudad Guyana”

Inoa, Dilania M.

“The Evolution of Dominican National and Racial Identity and Meringue”

Matínez, Katherine

“Afro-Peruvian Identity through Music and Dance”

Scarbo, Alison

“The Interpreter’s Aide Program: Bridging Language at Rhode Island Hospital”

Shimoda, Kelley

“Journey Stories from El Salvador to the Ocean State”

Tukman, Sarah

“The Maquiladora Industry: Mexico’s Attempt towards Border Development”

Wieder, Rebecca

“Small Things: Teaching as Learning in a Community Education Center”



Blagrove, Jodyann

“Gay Men under the Revolution”

Fernández, Dunia

“Colonized Education: The Case of Indigenous Education in Mexico”

Fry, Genevieve

“The Construction of Identity in the Muralist Movement of Post-Revolutionary Mexico”

González, Tanya

“The Construction of Mexican Border Culture and the Identity in Contemporary Border Corridos: Singing sin Fronteras”

Leavitt, Jennifer

“ESL Curriculum: Theories, Standards and Methods”

Stoneman-Bell, Sierra

“Popular Education and Microenterprise Development: Two Models for Poverty Reduction and Popular Empowerment in Latin America”

Zak, Margaret

“Engagement and Abandonment: Outside Intervention among the Yukis of Bolivia”

Zuckerman, Casey

“Population Policy and Family Planning Programs in Mexico”



Acheson, Katherine

“The Effects of International Development Aid on Children’s Rights in Brazil”

Blumner, Kate

“Eating in Cuba: Current Food Coping Strategies in Havana”

Coleman, Brooke

“The Immigration Enforcement and Welfare Reform Acts of 1996: A Guide for ESOL Tutors”

Friedman, Jennifer

“The Resilience of Community: A Case Study of Salvadoran Refugees in Honduras”

Fox, Nathan

“Affirmative Action in Brazil? A History of Afro-Brazilian Political Mobilization from its Emergence to the Current Debate on Quotas”

Johnson, Amanda

“Latino Migrant Farmworkers in the Missouri Bootheel Region: Characteristics and Problems of a Linguistic and Ethnic Minority in Rural Mid-South Communities”

Loeb, Michael Ilan

“Enter the Dragon: A Reflective Record of Initial Observation and Practice in Elementary and Adult Bilingual and ESOL Education”

Milstein, Denise

“Components of Radical Unity Among Latinos: A Case Study of El Comité de Trabajadores Latinos Unidos”



Anglin, Lorraine

“The Beliefs about Menstruation of Young Women from Two High Schools and One University in Santiago de los Caballeros, Dominican Republic in November 1995”

Chase, Dana Meredith

“Considerations for the Treatment of HIV-positive Ecuadorian Women: The Impact of Historical, Cultural and Societal Factors”

Dantas, Luisa

“The Effects of Class, Gender and Race Discrimination of the Education and Employment of Under-Privileged Women in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil”

De La Torre, Pearl

“The Role of Social Networks in the Migration Process: Mexican Migrants in Providence”

Dzuba, Ilana

“Guatemala’s Public Relations Coup: The Role of the United States Media in Guatemalan Politics”

Phillips, Adrienne

“A Comparative Analysis of the Response to HIV/AIDS in Cuba and Brazil”

Swietnicki, Mary

“The Formation and Aftermath of a Female Mexican Identity in the Life and Work of Frida Kahlo”



Atkinson, Sarah

“The Rio Grande Valley: Spanish and English in a Developmental Bilingual Model”

Buchbinder, Christopher

“The Political Economy of Sustainable Development in Chile”

Cornell Barnard, Katherine

“Developing Culturally Appropriate Health Education Materials: The Case of Reducing Diarrheal Disease in Rural Highland Ecuador”

Edwards, Yohance

“National Identity and Race: A Case Study of the Ecuadorian Example”

Gross, Justin

“The Communities of Population Resistance of the Ixcán: The Birth of a Guatemalan Social Movement”

Hopkins, Victoria

“Health Care Issues of Orphanage Children in Guatemala”

Morgan, Patrick

“The Road to Service Learning: Service as Education and the Case of Fundación Elpis”

O. Wald, Zachary

“The Zapatista Rebellion: Land, Politics, Economics and Publicity”

Quinton, Julie

“Women in the Maquiladoras: Gender, Race, Nationality and Class in Discourses of Transnational Capitalist Development, Social Change and Resistance on the United States/Mexican Border”

Schwartz, Ken

“Breaking Molds: An Examination of Nicanor Parra’s Political Poetry from the Allende Era”

Van Hell, Hans

“Privatization in Argentina: A Strategy for Economic Stability and Growth in the 1990s”

Wolfson, Jill Suzanne 

“Somos Mujeres”



Flores DeWilde, Leticia

“The Migrant Education Program: The Case of Bilingual-Bilcultural Education for Latino Children”

Guzmán, Marcia Quiñones

“Arte Contestario: The Praxis of Chicana Feminist Politics”

Keyser, Elizabeth

“Narco-Politics in Colombia during the 1980s”

King, Dovie Yoana

“Mexico’s Programa Nacional de Solidaridad”

Lloyd, Jennifer

“Tango: Construction of a Gendered National Identity through Popular Dance in Argentina”



Barden, Merrill E.

“Understanding the Evolution of Diego Rivera’s Message to the United States”

Cantu, Angelina

“Communication and Community: Mexican/North American Intermarriages in South Texas”

Foreit, Jenny

“The Effects of Political Violence on Migration and Population Distribution in Peru”

Marblestone, Judy

“The Potential Effects of the North American Free Trade Agreement on Mexican Maize and Tomato Procedures”

Mera, Helena

“Puerto Rican Adolescent Mothers’ Perspective on Pregnancy and Motherhood: A Case Study in Providence, Rhode Island”

Pillsbury Oliver, Caroline

“The Language of Argentine Women: 1945-1992”

Polander, Steven

“The Dexter Donation: A Site for Racial and Ethnic Incorporation”

Yager, Alison

“The Co-Existence of Traditional and Modern Medicine in the Ecuadorian Oriente”



Engler, Rachelle

“The Experience of Dominican Migrants: Mothers and Daughters in Providence, Rhode Island”

 Glassman, Amanda

“Missionaries and Hacendados: Jesuit Administration in the Province of Paraguay 1507-1767”

 Jimenez, Sydney (Sadie)

“Mal Aire, Chontapala and the Traditional Healers among the Runa of Lowland Ecuador: A Look at their Perceptions of Illness”

 Korten, Alicia

“Structural Adjustment, the Environment and the Poor: The Case Study of Costa Rica”

 Rabke, Jennifer

“Family Planning in Mexico”

 Robinson, Zac

“Aiding Repression: United States Foreign Policy towards El Salvador 1980-1988”

 Rossi, Jaime

“Sendero, Luminoso: Polarizing Peru’s Foundation”

 Sherman, Paul

“The Mexican Government’s Mechanisms for Control of the Mass Media 1982-1988”

 Tracy, Matthew Collin

“The Origins of La Violencia”

 Wessels, Astrid

“Conservation without Evictions: The Search for Social and Ecological Justice on Costa Rica’s Osa Peninsula”



 Bejar, Raquel

“The Argentine Riddle: Political Groups and Political Culture”

 Gaviria, Marcela

“Leftist Alternatives to Bipartisanism: The Movimiento 19 de Abril and the Union Patriotica in Colombia’s Democratic Opening”

 Hamann, Edmund Tappan

“Mexican Education and Conceptualizations of Race from 1921-1940”

 Hoyt, Timothy

“Andean Cultural Ecology”

 Martin, Carla Margarita

“HIV Infection: Another Dimension in the Crisis of Latina Health”

 Tingue, Chris

“Baseball in the Dominican Republic: Major League Affiliation and Dependent Development”

 Willenson, Marni

“Crimes against Humanity in Argentina: Jacob Timerman and the Creation of Witness”



 Chesek, Michael Jonathan

“On the Front Lines of the War on Drugs: An Evaluation of US and Colombian Narcotics Control Policy”

 Glazerman, Steve Michael

“The Enduring Nature of the Interventionist State: Regulation and Promotion of Foreign Investment in the Mexican Automobile Industry”

 Rojas, Konrad Huber

“Squatters and States: The Political Power of the Urban Poor in Rio de Janeiro and Mexico City”

 Shohet, Jacqueline

“Transitions and Traditions: Indigenous Women in Esperanza, Ecuador”

 Stein, Michele

“Structural and Community Factors in Organizing the Workplace: Potential for Unionizing by Latinas in Rhode Island”



Becker, Deborah

“Continuity and Change in Three Puerto Rican Families: Toward a Bicultural Identity”

Calderon, Wendy Andrea

“Bilingual Education and the Hispanic Community”

Coffey, Patrick

“The Role of Suffering in Juan Rulfo’s Fiction: Historic Cry or Eternal Lament?”

Cox, Paige

“The Creation of a Female Political Ideology”

Crawford, Michael

“From Rivalry to Rapprochement: An Analysis of Argentine-Brazilian Relations”

Elliot, Lauren

“Drug Trafficking: A National Security Dilemma”

Gross, David

“The Ethnopoetics of Cultural Formation in Two Literary Cases: Afro-Cubans and Jewish-Latin Americans”

 Keith, Jennifer

“Women’s Fertility Regulations in Colombia: An Issue of Control”

Lean, Sharon

“Women’s Impact on Health in Revolutionary Nicaragua”

Longo, Dennise

“The Quest for Puerto Rico: Colonialism and Identity”

Mostow, Kathy

“Problems Between Medical Model and Traditional Birth Systems: A Field Study of Two Communities in Rural Ecuador”

Sanchez, Marilu

“Hispanic Involvement in Dropout Prevention Programs”



Boyatt, Jessica

“Continuity and Change in Women’s Roles and Family Structure in the Dominican Community of Providence, Rhode Island

Castagna, Katy

“ ‘Hispanic’ Identity of Rhode Island: Some Recent Immigrants”

Stone, Audrey

“On Behalf of Tradition: A Study of Opus Dei Tradition, Family and Property”



Verba, Ericka

“ ‘Buscando el Oro Macizo Salgo Volando al Camino…’ Violeta Parra, her Life and her Poetry”