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Current Student Research


Elizabeth Adler, Practicing Good Medicine: A community-based diagnosis and prognosis for promoting obstetric care access and use in rural Nepal(Geoffrey Kirkman and Stephen McGarvey)

Jordan Apfeld, “Gold Doesn’t Shine on Everything”: Findings through Film (Geoffrey Kirkman and Gianpaolo Baiocchi)

Arielle Balbus, ¿Pachamama, o Muerte? Understanding the World People’s Conference on Climate Change and the Rights of Mother Earth (J. Timmons Roberts and Gavril Bilev)

Emily Crubaugh, Economic Theory and Financial Crisis: A Systematic Analysis of The Financial Times (Cornel Ban and Mark Blyth)

Mariama Darboe, Passive or Assertive?: The Situation of Religion Within the Israeli and Turkish Education Systems (Nukhet Sandal and William Simmons)

Colette DeJong, Bridging the Gaps in HIV Care: The Translation of PACT in New York City and the Politics of Scaling Up (Daniel Smith and Cornel Ban)

Susannah Evarts, Translating the Translators: Following the Development of Actor-Network Theory(Cornel Ban and Gianpaolo Baiocchi)

Sophie Fuchs, Return to Pachamama?: The Diffusion of Organic Agriculture in Ecuador(Cornel Ban and Kathryn DeMaster)

Katherine Gannett, Bridging National and Cultural Differences through Sport: The Case of the Football for Hope Festival 2010 (Stephen McGarvey and Melissa Clark)

Francis Gonzales, Reinscribing Dominant Narratives of the “Other”: A Case Study of the Attempt to Re-Brand (South) Africa During the 2010 FIFA World Cup(Anani Dzidzienyo and Dore Levy)

Isaac Jabola-Carolus, An Analysis of the Contemporary Anarchist Movement: The Discourses and Ideology of Anarchists in the Providence Area(Eric Larson and Cornel Ban)

Haley Jordahl, The Costs of Credit Access: Estimating Religious Discrimination in Indian Financial Markets(Nukhet Sandal and Anja Sautmann)

Einat Kadar, Unraveling Racialized Tobacco Industry Marketing in South Africa: The Tobacco Industry, Public Health, and Development (Lundy Braun and Asaf Bitton)

Dong-eun Kim, The Power and Legitimacy Game: A Case Study on the Government and NGOs in South Korea’s Refugee Protection Regime (Ann Dill and Cornel Ban)

Stephanie Koh, Navigating Postcolonial Ipoh: Perceptions to Changes in Street Names (Vazira Zamindar and Nauman Naqvi)

Kirstin Krusell, The International Politics of Heritage: Translating UNESCO Politics in BrazilCornel Ban and Anani Dzidzienyo)

Kyle Lemle, The Translation of Traditional and Scientific Environmental Epistemologies: A Case Study on Community Forestry in Bhutan (Geri Augusto, Cornel Ban, and Kathryn DeMaster)

Sophia Manuel, Elite Interests or Immigrant Interests? A Case Study of the Peruvian American Lobby and Its Political Agenda(Jose Itzigsohn and Cornel Ban)

Geoffrey Martin, When Orthodoxy Survives: The Washington Consensus in the World Bank from 1990-2011 (Cornel Ban and Mark Blyth)

Cara Mones, Domestic Sex Trafficking: The Struggle to Connect Girls to Services(Cynthia Rosengard and Gail Cohee)

Joelle Murphy, The Nationalist Neoliberalism of Your Desires: The Case of Egypt(Nukhet Sandal and Ipek Tureli)

Michelle Nguyen, The Continual Breakdown of Democracy in Thailand: A Case Study on the Role of Elite Competition, Modernization and Political Institutions in the Democratization Process of Thailand (Cornel Ban and Gavril Bilev)

Charlotte Rizzi, Kicking for Confidence and Scoring for Self-Empowerment: How Female Participation in Sport Leads to Qualities for HIV Risky Behaviors(Melissa Clark and Eli Wolff)

Julia Schuster, Cultural Transitions: The Experiences of Incorporation of Immigrant Professionals in Providence, RI(Cornel Ban and Jose Itzigsohn)

Rebecca Stern, Narratives of Intimate Partner Violence in Cato Manor, South Africa: Gender Roles, Norms, Social Context and HIV Preventative Behavior(Abigail Harrison and Megan Klein-Hattori)

Brianna Williamson, The Importance of Networks within the Field of Sport and Development(Kerrissa Heffernan and Eli Wolff)

Jordan Worthington, Good Health, Strong Nation”: A Case Study of Religious Actors in the Capacity-Building Process in Timor-Leste (Nukhet Sandal and Patricia Symonds)

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