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Featured Alumni

ThawZin AungGyi '15
is studying at Oxford to get a Masters in Public Policy.

Natasha Blackadar '15 
is in San Francisco for the next year working as a Resident in Social Enterprise (RISE) Fellow with New Sector Alliance. That fellowship includes a full-time job at TechSoup.

David Adler ' 14 
just completed his Fulbright in Mexico and is beginning his Rhodes placement.

And what others are doing...

    Non-Profit Sector

    • Research Consulting at Caritas Internationalis
    • Communications at the Global Fund for Women
    • Advocacy work at Oxfam America and Reading Partners
    • Running a public radio show in India
    • Founding NGOs, such as GOALS Haiti, the Mali Health Organizing Project, and the Creative Kid Project in Vietnam
    • the World Bank
    • Foundations such as the Clinton Foundation
    • NGOs in the US: Population Services International, the Union of Concerned Scientists, the Center for the Study of the Presidency and Congress, Shared Hope International and many more!
    • NGOs in Indonesia, India, and Mozambique
    • Social Entrepreneurship: Ashoka, Pave, New Sector Alliance, Echoing Green

    Private Sector

    • Financial & Strategy Consulting at Capital One, Mahindra & Bain
    • Paralegal
    • Google
    • International Risk Consultancy

    Fellowships & Service

    • Fulbright Scholars in Sri Lanka and Morocco
    • Princeton in Asia, Princeton in Africa, and Princeton in Latin America
    • Peace Corps Volunteers in Jordan & Zambia
    • Fellow at the American India Foundation William J. Clinton
    • Fellowships at Government agencies such as the Department of State

    Graduate/Professional Schools

    • Studying Medicine at Mt. Sinai School of Medicine
    • Studying Law at Harvard and other top law schools
    • Getting their Masters and PhDs at top research universities