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Student Leadership


The DS DUG is an organization led by undergraduate DS concentrators serving the dual purpose of organizing DS-related campus-wide events and advocating for increased university resources to continue the expansion of the DS program.

In recent years, the DS DUG has organized debates, comparative panels, peer academic advising forums, student-faculty socials and mentoring for graduate and career opportunities in development.

Accomplishments of the DS DUG’s campus outreach and advocacy include the expansion of both faculty and course selections, including the permanent creation of the DS Program Director position and DS-specific courses in methodology, economics and a sophomore seminar.

DS DUG 2013-2014

Ayane Ezaki 2013.5
Rie Ohta 2013.5
David Adler 2014
Ignacio Semerene 2015

Emily Goldman (on leave) 2014.5
Annie Sholar (on leave) 2014.5


For more information on upcoming events, getting involved, donating, suggesting or collaborating on an event and receiving peer concentration advising, please contact: