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Dill, Sarah-Eve Migrant Social Networks and Strategies for Assimilation in China's New Urbanization
Ellmann, Nora Socorristas and Jane: Underground Feminist Abortion Care in Argentina and Pre-Roe Chicago
Garza, Cecilia Where the Transnational and the Local Meet: Contextualizing Women’s Empowerment in the Moroccan Rif
Hartmann, Lily Creative Capital and Cultural Escape: Alternative Youth Cultural Projects in Post-Special Period Cuba
Jassir, Gabriella Tradition as a Tool: Changing the Discourse on Abortion in Colombia through the Role of the Woman
Ladics, Julia Comparing the Effects of World Bank and Chinese Investment on Development: The Case of Nigeria
Luksic James, Isabella Cultural Structures and Practices of Social Transformation: The Ecosystem of Social Innovation & Entrepreneurship in Chile 
McClung, Jamie A Sprinkling of Emeralds in a Turquoise Sea: How Eleuthera and the Commonwealth of the Bahamas Illustrate the Difficulty of Multi-Island Nations
Nhlengethwa, Tezzy A Millennium Development Goal lost in translation: the difficulties of implementing Free Primary Education in Swaziland
Pandiloski, Pepi Do New Factories Affect Incumbents’ Electoral Outcomes? Evidence from Foreign Direct Investments in the Republic of Macedonia
Sharma, Pranav Mental Health Care and the State
Zhu, Andrea Ruthless Fantasies: Infrastructural Development and Gendered Immobility and the China-Myanmar Border


Charlotte Biren

Exploring Otavaleño Kichwa: Multimedia Projects of Cultural Reimagination in the Neoliberal Era

Rheem Brooks

Poetic In-Justice: Carceral Geographies and the Myths of Criminality in Rhode Island and California

Laura Durand

Dishing it out with Dignity: An Ethnographic Study of Restaurant Work & Worker Organizing in Rhode Island

Anisa Holmes

Elections in Haiti: Aid, Intervention and the Developmental State

Yvette Schein

Healthcare Experiences of East African Refugees in Rhode Island: Barriers, Successes, and Ongoing  Challenges

Merone Tadesse

First and Still Alone: Depoliticization, Misrecognition and FirstGeneration College Student Discourse Within the Ivy League

Kari Malkki

If Money Grows on Trees: Exploring Perspectives on Conservation and Development in Brazil's Mata Atlantica 


Blackadar, Natasha

Re-centering Development Discourse: Social Capital, Expertise, and Knowledge Production at BIARI 

Carvalho, Mariana

More Than Good Intentions: An Analysis of Ways to Increase Private Sector Investment in Development Impact Bonds

Cole, Austin

Conflict, Cooperation, and Consejos Nacionales: Understanding the Politics of Afro-Ecuadorian Activism in Rafael Correa’s Citizen’s Revolution

Davis, Yuki

Health in Our Homes: Systems of Solidarity in a Community Health Intervention in Mali

Ellis, Brienne

“THIS IS NOT FOR US” Foreclosure and Financialization in Providence, RI

Goldman, Emily

What Rhymes with Distraction Diplomacy? A Strategic Understanding of Egyptian Revolutionary Rap 

Gyi, Thaw Zin

Sixty Six Years and Counting: The World’s Longest Civil War in Myanmar

Jackson, Aasha 

Precious Children, Suffering Women, and Emotional Appeals: Analyzing the Frames Used by Members of Congress in Hearings held on the Mexico City Policy

Lam, Ho Ching Myron

Engaging with Enterprise: The Role of For-Profit Social Enterprises in Poverty Reduction in Vietnam

Quinonez-Riegos, Tomas

RIPPLE: A Business Model & The Historical Context of Intellectual and Developmental Disability

Schlissel, Madeline

The Market for Children: Poverty, Politics and Human Trafficking An Examination of the Decline of Intercountry Adoption to the United States and its Prospects for the Future

Semerene Barreiro, Ignacio

Innovation, Sustainability, and Development: The role of entrepreneurship, redesign and integration in a new economy

Sternberg Lamb, Jeanette

Maternal Attitudes and Practices Towards a Healthy Pregnancy in American Samoa

Tettey, Joseph Felix

Socio-economic Disparity in Ghana: Onset and Maintenance Mechanism

Tran Vu, Linh

Constructing Entrepreneurship From Below: Exploring the Growth and Development of Small and Medium Enterprises in the Construction Industry in Ho Hi Minh City, Vietnam

Veerasamy, Leila

The Formalization of street vending in Mauritius: Spatial, Economic and Political implications


Adler, David

BUREAUCRACY AFTER LIBERALIZATION: The Delhi Development Authority & The World-Class City

Bablon, Geraud

Here We Keep the Slum Mentality: an investigation into the meaning of space in Mumbai’s slum rehabilitation buildings

Ezaki, Ayane

Living in “My Dream City”:Experiences of Space forLow-Wage Male Migrant Workers in Singapore

Fantozzi, Valeria

Disaster Mitigation in Seismic Developing Countries:Measuring Risk and Designing Policies of Construction in Earthquake-Affected Cities

Harjo, Maya

Subjugating Sovereignty: The Providence Journal’s framing of theNarragansett Indian Tribe and the concept of tribal sovereignty

Hartigan, Chelsea

Drug Trafficking, CBOs, and Boxing:An ethnographic analysis of community-based organizations and sport as a means of community development and crime prevention in a Brazilian Favela


Virtual Exchange & The Future of Grassroots Peace-Building An Ethnographic Study of a Field in the Making

Ohta, Rie

Spreading Tolerance, Inciting Hate: the Consequences of the LGBT Human Rights Agenda in Senegal

Wiener, Madeline

What Leads to Sustainable Practices?A Case Study Analyzing Climate Change and the Adoption of Climate Adaptive Practices by Wineries in Mendoza, Argentina


Bell, Jocelyn

Midriffs, Beedis, and Cussing: Bollywood's Portrayal of Traditional Hinduism and the Prostitution Stigma

Camarda, Brooke

Media Framing of Homosexuality in South Africa and Uganda

Cockrell, Hannah

Community-Based Integrated Management of Childhood Illness: Reducing under-five morbidity and mortality in Rwanda

Cohen, Kathryn

Transformation from the Hollows: The Resource-Intervention Chain and its Implications for Collective Action and Social Transformation

Crown, Hayley

Examining Women's Empowerment in the Context of International Aid

Dao, Linh

Space for Creativity: A Cultural Critique on Conditions of Creativity within Vietnamese Schools

Jacobson, Katherine

Burundian Resettled Refugees in Providence, RI: A Question of Identity

Johnson, Michael

Democracy & Displacement: Contesting Land Acquisition in India's National Capital Region

Karin, Elizabeth

Easing the Burden of Trauma: An In-Depth Look at Informal Community-Based Pre-Hospital Care Systems

Korijn, Josephine

Embracing Uncertainty in the Social Finance Field

Pack, Rachael

Media Representation of Women in Sport: Faster, Stronger, Sexier? The Covert Discrimination of Female Athletes by American Media

Petrocco, Olivia

Sharing, Stealing and Secrecy: Understanding the Changing Definition of Property and Global Governance through the Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement

Schlagel, Robert

Farmhand and Farmer: Exploring the Legal Environment that Conditions this Precarious Relationship (Thesis); This is not a Unique Story (Video Documentary)


Berdie, Lisa

Contextualizing the Educational Attainment Process: The Case of Hispanic Youth in Providence, Rhode Island

Do, William

Can the Acculturated Speak?  Educational and Employment Marginalization of the Khmer Chinese American

Kainen, Sophie

Controlling the Hype: A Discussion of the Limitations and Implications of Randomized Control Trials in Development Economics

Kung, Alina

Locating the Chinese Citizen in the Health Care State: Understanding Roles and Appeals in Cyberspace

McDonald, Colleen

It's a human tragedy and these bastards who are bringing these boatpeople should be shot: Framing People Smugglers in Australian News Media

Medina, Louis

Giving Voice to the Voiceless: Electronic Music as a Medium for Minority Representation

Ngo, Quyen

Between Innocence and Dissidence: Exploring the Politics of Everyday Life in Contemporary Vietnam

Ogawa, Kaori

Transnational Flows Between France and China

Parrish, Nicole

Money Whitens….But It Don't Make You White

Rowe, Josh

Matters of Perspective: Tracing Romania's Agricultural Challenges

Sklar, Sarah

Macroeconomics with Chinese Characteristics

Thompson, Addie

The Power of Intercultural Exchange: Leveraging the Tourism Industry for Rural Development through Multi-Level, Participatory Social Enterprise

Unanue, Sofia

Revolutionary Words: Protest Space and Rhetorical Frames in Tahrir Square

Vohra, Sanna

How Do You Increase Private Sector Investment in Social Impact Bonds? An Analysis of the Structural Changes Necessary to Proliferate the Social Impact Bond Model

Williams, Ashlie

Issue Emergence on Feminist Agendas: Interrogating Inaction on HIV and AIDS


Elizabeth Adler, Practicing Good Medicine: A community-based diagnosis and prognosis for promoting obstetric care access and use in rural Nepal(Geoffrey Kirkman and Stephen McGarvey)

Jordan Apfeld, "Gold Doesn't Shine on Everything": Findings through Film (Geoffrey Kirkman and Gianpaolo Baiocchi)

Arielle Balbus, ¿Pachamama, o Muerte? Understanding the World People's Conference on Climate Change and the Rights of Mother Earth (J. Timmons Roberts and Gavril Bilev)

Emily Crubaugh, Economic Theory and Financial Crisis: A Systematic Analysis of The Financial Times (Cornel Ban and Mark Blyth)

Mariama Darboe, Passive or Assertive?: The Situation of Religion Within the Israeli and Turkish Education Systems (Nukhet Sandal and William Simmons)

Colette DeJong, Bridging the Gaps in HIV Care: The Translation of PACT in New York City and the Politics of Scaling Up (Daniel Smith and Cornel Ban)

Susannah Evarts, Translating the Translators: Following the Development of Actor-Network Theory(Cornel Ban and Gianpaolo Baiocchi)

Sophie Fuchs, Return to Pachamama?: The Diffusion of Organic Agriculture in Ecuador(Cornel Ban and Kathryn DeMaster)

Katherine Gannett, Bridging National and Cultural Differences through Sport: The Case of the Football for Hope Festival 2010 (Stephen McGarvey and Melissa Clark)

Francis Gonzales, Reinscribing Dominant Narratives of the "Other": A Case Study of the Attempt to Re-Brand (South) Africa During the 2010 FIFA World Cup(Anani Dzidzienyo and Dore Levy)

Isaac Jabola-Carolus, An Analysis of the Contemporary Anarchist Movement: The Discourses and Ideology of Anarchists in the Providence Area(Eric Larson and Cornel Ban)

Haley Jordahl, The Costs of Credit Access: Estimating Religious Discrimination in Indian Financial Markets (Nukhet Sandal and Anja Sautmann)

Einat Kadar, Unraveling Racialized Tobacco Industry Marketing in South Africa: The Tobacco Industry, Public Health, and Development (Lundy Braun and Asaf Bitton)

Dong-eun Kim, The Power and Legitimacy Game: A Case Study on the Government and NGOs in South Korea's Refugee Protection Regime (Ann Dill and Cornel Ban)

Stephanie Koh, Navigating Postcolonial Ipoh: Perceptions to Changes in Street Names (Vazira Zamindar and Nauman Naqvi)

Kirstin Krusell, The International Politics of Heritage: Translating UNESCO Politics in Brazil Cornel Ban and Anani Dzidzienyo)

Kyle Lemle, The Translation of Traditional and Scientific Environmental Epistemologies: A Case Study on Community Forestry in Bhutan (Geri Augusto, Cornel Ban, and Kathryn DeMaster)

Sophia Manuel, Elite Interests or Immigrant Interests? A Case Study of the Peruvian American Lobby and Its Political Agenda (Jose Itzigsohn and Cornel Ban)

Geoffrey Martin, When Orthodoxy Survives: The Washington Consensus in the World Bank from 1990-2011 (Cornel Ban and Mark Blyth)

Cara Mones, Domestic Sex Trafficking: The Struggle to Connect Girls to Services (Cynthia Rosengard and Gail Cohee)

Joelle Murphy, The Nationalist Neoliberalism of Your Desires: The Case of Egypt(Nukhet Sandal and Ipek Tureli)

Michelle Nguyen, The Continual Breakdown of Democracy in Thailand: A Case Study on the Role of Elite Competition, Modernization and Political Institutions in the Democratization Process of Thailand (Cornel Ban and Gavril Bilev)

Charlotte Rizzi, Kicking for Confidence and Scoring for Self-Empowerment: How Female Participation in Sport Leads to Qualities for HIV Risky Behaviors (Melissa Clark and Eli Wolff)

Julia Schuster, Cultural Transitions: The Experiences of Incorporation of Immigrant Professionals in Providence, RI (Cornel Ban and Jose Itzigsohn)

Rebecca Stern, Narratives of Intimate Partner Violence in Cato Manor, South Africa: Gender Roles, Norms, Social Context and HIV Preventative Behavior (Abigail Harrison and Megan Klein-Hattori)

Brianna Williamson, The Importance of Networks within the Field of Sport and Development (Kerrissa Heffernan and Eli Wolff)

Jordan Worthington, "Good Health, Strong Nation": A Case Study of Religious Actors in the Capacity-Building Process in Timor-Leste (Nukhet Sandal and Patricia Symonds)