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Development Studies

DEVL 1500 Methods in Development Research
DEVL 2000 Theory and Research in Development I (required of all trainees)
DEVL 2010  Theory and Research in Development II


ANTH 1110 African Issues in Anthropological Perspective
ANTH 1125 Indigenous Archaeologies
ANTH 1151 Ethnographies of the Muslim Middle East
ANTH 1221 Anthropology of Masculinity
ANTH 1232 War and Society
ANTH 1301 Anthropology of Homelessness
ANTH 1310 International Health: Anthropological Perspectives
ANTH 1320 Anthropology and International Development: Ethnographic Perspectives on Poverty and Progress
ANTH 1323 The Culture and Politics of Colonial Cities: Migration, Markets and the Diaspora
ANTH 1411 Nations within States
ANTH 1552 Environmental Change: Ethnographic Perspectives
ANTH 1623 Archaeology of Death
ANTH 1720 The Human Skeleton
ANTH 1810 Language and Power
ANTH 1901 Anthropology in/of the Museum
ANTH 2010-S01  Principles of Cultural Anthropology
ANTH 2020 Methods of Anthropological Research
ANTH 2320 Ideology of Development


ECON 510 Development and the International Economy
ECON 1355 Economics of the Environment in Developing Countries (ENVS 1355)
ECON 1300 Education, the Economy and School Reform
ECON 1310 Labor Economics
ECON 1355 Environmental Issues in Development Economics (ENVS 1355)
ECON 1460 Industrial Organization
ECON 2470 Industrial Organization
ECON 1510 Economic Development
ECON 1550 International Finance
ECON 2370  Inequality: Theory and Evidence
ECON 2360: Economics of Health and Population

Political Science

POLS 1050 Ethics and Public Policy
POLS 1285 Democracy, Citizenship, and Accountability in Latin America
POLS 1290 The Rise of China
POLS 1390 International Organization and World Politics
POLS 1485 Global Justice
POLS 1822U War and Human Rights
POLS 1822X Technology and International Politics
POLS 2260-S02 Comparative Politics and China
POLS 2580-S01 Introduction to Quantitative Research Methods
POLS 2170 Market-Liberalism: Origins, Principles and Contemporary Applications
POLS 2220 Urban Politics
POLS 2320 Ethnic Conflict


SOC 1330 Remaking the City
SOC 1620 Globalization and Social Conflict
SOC 1870E Alternatives to Violence
SOC 1870Q World Cities
SOC 1870S Sociology of Gender
SOC 1871R Knowledge Networks and Global Transformation
SOC 1871W-S01 Geographical Analysis of Society
SOC 2020 Multivariate Statistical Methods II
SOC 2130-S01 Health, Illness and Medicine in Social Context
SOC 2210 Qualitative Methods
SOC 2230 Techniques of Demographic Analysis
SOC 2385 Environmental Sociology
SOC 2960G Spatial Data Analysis Techniques in the Social Sciences

Training Modules

S4 Winter & Summer GIS Institutes
Comparative & Multi-Sited Ethnographic Research
Survey Methods


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