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International Relations


Ana Bonilla '18 
IR student representative on Watson's committee for diversity and inclusion



Honors Application for Class of 2019
Application deadline: April 6, 2018
See IR honors flier or website for details

New Concentrator Thinking about IR? 
Check out these resources:

Instructions for declaring/filing your concentration
Advisor office hours

Create Your IR Intellectual Community
Use selection criteria to generate a list of students grouped by year, track, language, regional focus, and/or 2nd concentration.
IR Community Builder


Get Involved!

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IR Concentration Advising
Concentration Advisor Office Hours
Make an appointment

Monday         11:00-1:00   By appt
Tuesday          1:00-3:00   By appt
Wednesday   11:00-1:00   By appt
Friday              1:00-3:00   Express walk-in (10 min)

- No office hours Feb 19, 20
- Fri, Feb 16 hours changed to 2:30-4p

Seniors: Graduation Requirements

  1. Concentration Form: Complete a new IR Concentration Form, updating your course plan based on changes you've made since sophomore year.
  2. Concentration Approval: Make an appointment with Dr. Elliott to obtain final approval. You must bring a hard copy of your completed revised Concentration Form.
  3. Study Abroad Approval: Receive written approval for any study abroad courses you are using for IR from Dr. Elliott on the IR Study Abroad form. This can be done at the same time as your revision.
  4. ASK: Submit your course plan in ASK.

IR T-shirts
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