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International Relations


IR Honors Recipients
Five students receive honors in IR!

Congratulations to this year's IR honors recipients, Naz Akyol, Dolan Bortner, Emily Cunniffe, Paula Martinez Gutierrez, and Sarah Stillman.


Get Involved!
Co-Presidents: Drashti Brahmbhatt, Amélie-Sophie Vavrovsky
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IR Diploma Ceremony 
Congratulations IR Class 2017! 
Watch the slideshow

IR T-shirts
Get one while they last!
Come by the IR office to purchase your t-shirt for $5 only!

IR Concentration Advising
Dr. Elliott is on scholarly leave for the fall '17 semester and will resume office hours in the Spring.

  • Graduating seniors should submit updated IR concentration worksheet to Anita Nester and update concentration course plan in ASK (but do not click on submit).
  • Dr. Elliott will be in touch with seniors regarding graduation in January.
  • For urgent questions or interest in filing IR this fall, please contact Anita Nester.