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International Relations


The International Relations Department Undergraduate Group (IR DUG) is an organization consisting of IR concentrators and potential concentrators. The DUG is intended to be both a resource for students exploring the IR concentration and a means of organizing events of interest to IR concentrators or others interested in international relations.

IR DUG Leaders

Drashti Brahmbhatt ‘19
At Brown, by studying International Relations, I hope to gain a multidisciplinary understanding of global issues through the lenses of anthropology, political science, economics and history. After studying abroad in Turkey and Azerbaijan, my appreciation for foreign relations spiked and since then, I have been dedicating myself to studying languages, politics, and humanitarian crises that affect the world. In the future I hope to use my IR degree to work in the UN, State Department or a think tank.

Amélie-Sophie Vavrovsky  '18
Living and connecting with people from all over the world has instilled in me a deep sense of global social responsibility. Since my sophomore year, I have had the immense privilege of conducting research with Watson´s outstanding faculty members. Brown´s International Relations program equips me with both the necessary quantitative and qualitative analysis skills for policy making while also constantly feeding my curiosity and encouraging me to explore new fields of study. Looking forward, I hope to use my IR degree to better serve our world-community and help draft fairer policies working at the European Union or the Ministry of Foreign Affairs at home in Austria.

IR DUG Activities

  • Annual themed speaker series
  • Concentration information sessions and social events
  • Professor dinners
  • Advising hours
  • Degree days events

IR DUG Handbook