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International Relations


Concentration Advisor

Claudia Elliott

Claudia Elliott

Associate Director and Concentration Advisor, International Relations Program
Watson Institute 126

Spring '18 office hours

Monday         11:00-1:00   By appt
Tuesday          1:00-3:00   By appt
Wednesday   11:00-1:00   By appt
Friday              1:00-3:00   Express walk-in (10 min)

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Track Advisors

Security and Society Track

Nina Tannenwald

Nina Tannenwald

Director, International Relations Program
Watson Institute 123

Spring '18 office hours

Monday   1:00-2:30pm
Friday      1:00-3:00pm

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Jeff Colgan

Jeff Colgan

Richard Holbrooke Associate Professor of Political Science and International and Public Affairs
Watson Institute 263

Spring '18 office hours

Monday   2:00-3:00pm

Political Economy and Society Track

Louis Putterman

Professor of Economics
70 Waterman Street- Room 301


Spring '18 office hours

Note - Professor Putterman is currently away. Please see Dr. Elliott.

Peer Advisors

Margot Cohen

International Relations Program Student Assistant
Watson Institute 130

Spring '18 office hours

Monday         12:00-1:00pm
Tuesday        10:00am-12:00pm
Wednesday    12:00-1:00pm

International Relations Department Undergrad Group
Watson Institute 130
Spring '18 office hours

Tuesday    2:00-5:00pm

The IR Program has a multiple advising system. Students meet with track advisors, the IR concentration advisor, and IR DUG student representatives as described below. Students are encouraged to seek advice whenever the need arises and as often as necessary. Students tend to seek advising freshman and sophomore year when they are considering filing a concentration, planning courses, and discussing study abroad options and junior and senior years when they are seeking approval for abroad courses, working on capstone projects, finalizing their undergraduate career at Brown, and considering their future after graduation.

Track/Capstone Advisor

The track advisor helps students decide which track best meets the student’s interests, offers advice on course selection within a particular track, and gives substantive advice particularly as it relates to changes in the focus of the student’s academic program or critical decisions about studying abroad, planning for graduate school, or developing an appropriate academic program in preparation for a particular career path. Meeting with the track advisor is the first step in filing an IR concentration.

Concentration Advisor

The Associate Director of the IR Program acts as concentration advisor and is available to speak with students on all matters concerning the concentration. This includes course offerings and course selection for any given semester, planning courses over several semesters, changes in the student’s concentration program, study abroad plans, concentration approval of courses taken abroad and transfer credit from U.S. institutions, fulfillment of IR concentration requirements for graduation, the honors program, independent study, or other procedural or academic issues that may arise in dealing with the university administration. This is to ensure that students pursue an intellectually coherent and challenging program of study rather than just any collection of courses that might happen to formally meet the requirements. The concentration advisor helps students clarify and evaluate options and discusses funding as well as postgraduate plans and applications. Meetings with the concentration advisor are held during walk in hours and by appointments scheduled online. The concentration advisor also directs and teaches in the IR Honors Program.

Peer Advising

Peer Advising is offered by representatives of the IR Departmental Undergraduate Group (IRDUG) throughout the academic year. Learn from student representatives about courses, faculty, internships, and study abroad experiences. The DUG holds weekly meetings, information sessions for prospective concentrators, a Fall speaker series, and addresses student questions at the various concentration fairs organized by the Office of the Dean of the College. The DUG also runs two open houses each year and holds special advising hours during sophomore concentration filing season. Prospective students with questions about IR at Brown should contact the IR DUG.

What do you want to do?

Which advisor do you need to see?

When do you need to act?

Advising Topic Advisor Freshman Sophomore Junior Senior
Capstone, discuss ideas and projects Track & Concentration x x x
Concentration planning Concentration x x x x
Fellowship, Grant advice Concentration x x
Filing your Concentration, 1st Signature Track x
Filing your Concentration, final approval Concentration x
Honors Program Concentration x
Independent study approval Concentration Semester before study starts
Internship Experience Peer (DUG) x x x x
Peer Advising Peer (DUG) x x x x
Post-Brown plans Track & Concentration x
Prospective students Peer (DUG) High School
Requirement approval Concentration x x x
Revise concentration for graduation Concentration x
Study abroad experience Peer (DUG) x x x x
Study Abroad, approval (pre/post) Concentration x x x
Study Abroad, discuss options Track x x x
Track courses, discuss options Track x x x
Transfer credit approval Concentration x x x