Brown University
International Relations


Students declare their concentration during their sophomore year. Students will not be able to register for junior year courses if they have not filed a concentration. Filing an IR concentration requires signatures from the relevant track advisor AND the IR concentration advisor.

Steps Required for Filing an IR Concentration

Must be completed in this order

1. IR Concentration Form and Essays

  • Complete the 2-page IR Concentration Form and compose your Personal Statement and Additional Academic Goals essays (from the on-line concentration form in ASK).
  • You must list a course for all 14 requirements and language, even if you have not yet taken these courses or plan to study abroad.
  • This draft forms the basis of discussions with your advisors.
  • Remember, this is a plan and will likely change. Next…

2. IR track advisor meeting

  • Take printed copies of your essays and completed IR Concentration Form to a track advisor for preliminary approval. 
  • See advisors office hours.

3. IR concentration advisor meeting

  • Take printed copy of essays, internal transcript, and completed IR Concentration Form, signed by the track advisor, to the concentration advisor (Dr. Claudia Elliott) who will discuss courses and planning and give final approval.
  • Students planning to study abroad the following semester should also bring their OIP course approval form.
  • See advisors office hours.

    4. Filing in ASK

    • Fill out and submit approved course plan and essays in ASK.
    • Be sure to list all 14 courses (15 for Honors) and all language courses. Otherwise, the form will be returned for revisions.

    5. Approval Email (!)

    • Concentration filing is not complete until you receive confirmation.  Be sure to check your email in-box!  If you need to make a correction you will need to resubmit, and reconfirm.

    Study Abroad Application and Declaring an IR Concentration

    In order to receive preliminary IR approval for study abroad courses, you must first file your IR concentration. Alternatively, you can file IR and get study abroad approval at the same time. Bring the preliminary approval form from OIP to the Concentration Advisor.

    Plan Ahead

    The IR concentration is one of the largest at Brown. Students should begin the filing process early in the Spring of sophomore year. Students who do not plan ahead are likely to not meet the Registrar's filing deadline, and, thus, not be able to register for 5th semester courses.