Brown University
International Relations


Steps Required to be Cleared for Graduation

1. Revise your concentration - DUE 7th Semester

a) ASK
- Update your course plan in ASK. This will show which requirements are remaining for graduation.

b) Concentration Form - Complete and print the Concentration Form.

c) Concentration AdvisorMake an appointment with the Concentration Advisor (Dr. Elliott) to obtain final approval. Be sure to bring with you a printed copy of your Concentration Form.

2. Update the Capstone Catalog

All students are required to complete an entry in the online Capstone Catalog to graduate. This includes a 100 word max abstract of the project and reflective analysis. The IR Capstone Catalog is advised and monitored by the IR concentration advisor. REMEMBER: You must take the capstone course for a grade and demonstrate research in a second language.