Brown University
International Relations


Steps Required to be Cleared for Graduation

1. Revise your concentration - DUE 7th Semester

a) Concentration Form - Complete and print the Concentration Form.

b) Concentration Advisor - Make an appointment with the Concentration Advisor (Dr. Elliott) to obtain final approval. Be sure to bring with you a printed copy of your Concentration Form.

c) ASK - update your course plan in ASK. Indicate that it's the final revision, and submit.

2. Update the Capstone Catalog

All students are required to complete an entry in the online Capstone Catalog to graduate. This includes a 100 word max abstract of the project and reflective analysis. The IR Capstone Catalog is advised and monitored by the IR concentration advisor. REMEMBER: You must take the capstone course for a grade and demonstrate research in a second language.