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Study Abroad

Studying abroad can be a very valuable part of any student’s education. Brown offers study abroad programs in many countries in Africa and the Middle East for students to enrich the MES coursework.


Middle East Studies faculty and students have access to a wide array of library services and resources. These include:

1) Library resource/research skill instruction sessions during classes

2) Research consultations for faculty and students

3) Specialized workshops in citation manages, GIS, statistical programs, data plans, and many more topics.

4) Acquisitions of new materials (journals, books, databases, etc.)

5) Course specific library resource pages

For more info or any questions, please contact Ian Straughn, Joukowsky Family Middle East Studies Librarian, at Ian_Straughn@brown.edu or visit the MES Resource Guide at libguides.brown.edu/MES.

*Access the historical digital archives of the Palestine/Jerusalem Post through ProQuest here.

*Access the new database of materials for the Brown Library here and as hyperlinked below:

Twentieth Century Religious Thought: Volume II, Islam

Some Full Text Licensed for Brown New Late 19th century – present; Twentieth Century Religious Thought: Islam is a research database focusing on modern Islamic theology and tradition. The online text resource details Islam’s evolution from the late 19th century by examining printed works, rare documents, and important articles by Muslim writers, both non-Western and Western voices. Content represents a wide range of Islamic thought, bringing together such key thinkers as Muhammad Abduh, Fethullah Gülen, Sayyid Ahmad Khan, Bediüzzaman Said Nursî, Abdolkarim Soroush, and Rifā‘ah Rāf‘i al-Ṭahṭāwī.

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Rhode Island Council for Muslim Advancement

Advancing Rhode Island's Muslim Community through advocacy, service, and bridge-building.