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Matthew Gutmann

Authors Tell the Stories of Anti-War Vets

November 4, 2010

In a new video, Brown Vice President for International Affairs Matthew Gutmann and Institute Professor Catherine Lutz describe their experience interviewing dozens of anti-war veterans and compiling the results into their book, Breaking Ranks: Iraq Veterans Speak Out against the War (University of California Press, 2010). “As anthropologists, we approached these veterans as people who were American, who grew up in the late 20th and early 21st century, and are really products of that society and its values about masculinity, nation, and the individual — and we focused on how they think about their experience from that perspective,” said Lutz. “These are not universal, natural, inevitable kinds of soldiers. They are very much American soldiers.”


Lutz Presents Peacekeepers with Report on Sexual Abuse

May 27, 2010

Institute Professor Catherine Lutz recently recommended steps to address the systematic patterns of sexual exploitation and abuse that have emerged around UN peacekeeping missions. In a May keynote address to a UN conference for its Conduct and Discipline Unit personnel from around the world, Lutz pointed to the need for a heightened cultural awareness and greater enforcement – on and off duty – among other steps to help reduce peacekeepers’ misconduct in the communities they are sent to protect.