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Robert Blair

Robert Blair

Joukowsky Family Assistant Professor of Political Science and International and Public Affairs


Robert Blair’s research focuses on peacekeeping and statebuilding after civil war, with an emphasis on rule of law and security institutions. He has conducted fieldwork on these and related topics in Colombia, Liberia and Cote d’Ivoire, and has worked in various capacities for the UN Office of Rule of Law and Security Institutions, the Political Instability Task Force, Freedom House and the Small Arms Survey. He holds an MA and PhD in Political Science from Yale University and a BA in Education Studies and Comparative Literature from Brown University. His research has been published in the American Political Science Review and other venues.

For further details see http://robblair.net.


How to restore citizens’ trust and cooperation with newly-reformed security institutions in the wake of civil war? How to establish the rule of law after years of state absence or predation? How (and whether) to promote compliance with state laws when they conflict with local norms, rules and customs? My research on these and related questions includes (1) lab-in-the-field experiments on gender and ethnic discrimination in the Liberian National Police; (2) a panel survey and list experiment on the impact of UN peacekeeping on rule of law in Liberia; and (3) a randomized controlled trial evaluating mechanisms to strengthen the role of Police Inspectors in providing access to security and justice in rural Colombia.

For further details see http://robblair.net/research/.


“On the Rights of Warlords: Legitimate Authority and Basic Protection in War-Torn Societies” (with Pablo Kalmanovitz). American Political Science Review, forthcoming.

“Patterns of Demand for Non-Ebola Health Services During and After the Ebola Outbreak: Panel Survey Evidence from Monrovia, Liberia” (with Karen Grepin, Benjamin Morse and Lily Tsai). BMJ Global Health, forthcoming.

“How to Promote Order and Property Rights under Weak Rule of Law? An Experiment in Changing Dispute Resolution Behavior through Community Education” (with Christopher Blattman and Alexandra Hartman). American Political Science Review 108:1 (2014): 100-120.

For working papers and policy reports see http://robblair.net/writing/.


Spring 2017
POLS2590: “Quantitative Research Methods.” Graduate seminar.

Fall 2016
POLS1824B: “Post-Conflict Politics.” Undergraduate seminar. 
POLS1440: "Security, Governance and Development in Africa." Undergraduate lecture.

Summer 2016
"Experiments in the Social Sciences." Graduate IGERT module.

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