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Jan H. Kalicki

Senior Fellow in Public and International Affairs


In addition to the Watson Institute, Jan Kalicki is Chairman of Eurasia Foundation and has served as Public Policy Fellow and Energy Lead (2014-15) and previously as Senior Scholar at the Wilson Center in Washington, DC.  From 2001 to 2014, he was Counselor for International Strategy at Chevron, and from 1993 to 2001 Counselor to the Commerce Department and White House NIS Ombudsman.  

Jan has taught previously at Brown, where he also served as Assistant to the President and Executive Director of the Center for Foreign Policy Development (1985-88) and Watson Institute Senior Advisor/Fellow (1988-99), as well as at Georgetown, Harvard, London School of Economics, Oxford and Princeton.  

In public service, Jan also served as member of the State Department Policy Planning Staff under Secretaries Kissinger and Vance and as Chief Foreign Policy Advisor to Senator Edward M. Kennedy. In the private sector, he also served as Senior Vice President at Lehman Brothers. Born in London, England, Jan has an A.B. from Columbia College and a Ph.D. from the LSE.


Global and regional energy security issues

Russia and Eurasia foreign policy and energy trends

Middle East foreign policy and energy trends


       Editor, 2015 Global Energy Forum: Revolutionary Changes and Security Pathways (Washington, DC: Woodrow Wilson Center, 2015).

       Co-Editor, Energy and Security: Strategies for a World in Transition (Baltimore, MD and Washington, DC: Johns Hopkins University Press and Wilson Center Press, 2013).

        Co-Editor, Energy and Security: Toward a New Foreign Policy Strategy (Baltimore, MD and Washington, DC: Johns Hopkins University Press and Wilson Center Press, 2005).

        Co-Editor, Russian-Eurasian Renaissance? US Trade and Investment in Russia and Eurasia (Stanford, CA and Washington, DC: Stanford University Press and Wilson Center Press, 2003).

       “Caspian Energy at the Crossroads,” Foreign Affairs, September-October 2001.

       The Pattern of Sino-American Crises: Political-Military Interactions Under Stress (London and Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 1975).



Energy and Foreign Policy

Politics of American Foreign Policy

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Saudi Arabia Needs America Back in Its Corner (written by Jan Kalicki)

May 20, 2016 The National Interest

Following the Saudi Arabia cabinet reshuffle, Senior Fellow Jan Kalicki gives an analysis of United States foreign relations in the Middle East and discusses potential opportunities to the strengthen Saudi Arabia-U.S partnerships amid ongoing regional conflict. "Reengagement in the security and economic arenas will not only help put U.S.-Saudi relations back on track, but advance U.S. interests much more steadily in this crisis-ridden region," Kalicki wrote.