Watson Institute for International and Public Affairs

Guy Ben-Porat

Visiting Associate Professor of International and Public Affairs
Senior Fellow in International and Public Affairs


Guy Ben-Porat is an Associate Professor at the Department of Politics and Government, Ben-Gurion University and is an Israel Institute Visiting Fellow at the Watson Institute. Ben-Porat holds a Ph.D. from Johns Hopkins University (2001) in political science and international relations.


My early research published in 2006 (Global Liberalism, Local Populism; Peace and Conflict in Israel/Palestine and Northern Ireland, Syracuse University 2006), examined the influence of globalization on peace processes in Israel and Northern Ireland. The book was awarded the Czempiel Prize from the Frankfurt Peace Institute, for the Best Book of Peace Research.

My research shifted "inwards" to domestic policy making and explored how demographic and economic changes influence religion and religiosity. The work that focused on Israel (Between State and Synagogue, the Secularization of Contemporary Israel, Cambridge University Press, 2013) will in the future be developed into a comparative study. 

My latest research project concerns public policy in a multicultural state and society, aiming to study the role of institutions as causes for ethno-cultural conflicts but also as potential response for the challenges raised by linguistic, ethnic, religious and cultural differences. In particular, I am interested in policing in multicultural societies.


Guy Ben-Porat and Fany Yuval, forthcoming, Policing Minorities in Israel. Cambridge University Press.

Guy Ben-Porat, 2017, “Secularization in Israel” in Phil Zuckerman and John R. Shook (eds.) The Oxford Handbook of Secularism. Oxford: Oxford University Press.

Guy Ben-Porat, Omri Shamir and Fany Yuval. 2016. "Value for Money: Political Consumerism in Israel." Journal of Consumer Culture: 16,2: 592-613 .

Guy Ben-Porat and Yariv Feniger 2014 "Unpacking Secularization", Ethnicities 14 (1): 91-112

Guy Ben-Porat, 2013, Between State and Synagogue: The Secularization of Modern Israel, Cambridge University Press. (Winner of the Shapiro Best Book Award, Israel Studies Association, 2014; and the Israeli Political Science Association Best Book Award, 2014).


Senior Seminar:  Religion, Politics and Society: Israel in a Comparative Perspective (fall)

Senior Seminar:  Multiculturalism and Public Policy: lessons from Israel (spring)