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Lucas Stanczyk

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Lucas Stanczyk

Postdoctoral Fellow in International and Public Affairs


Lucas Stanczyk is a postdoctoral fellow at the Watson Institute for International and Public Affairs for 2016-17. He works on topics at the intersection of political philosophy and political economy. His book manuscript develops a theory of justice in production. His other research and teaching is focused on ethical problems in global energy policy, and the ethics of growing inequality. He has been assistant professor of political science and affiliated faculty of philosophy at MIT. In 2017 he will join the philosophy department at Harvard.


My current research efforts are focused on three philosophical projects, each with an international and empirical component. In my first book manuscript, I develop a framework for thinking about what modern societies at an advanced stage of economic development can reasonably expect from each person by way of economic contribution. I use this framework to identify the ways in which advanced industrial societies routinely go overboard in their expectations for ordinary workers while being too indulgent of various privileged groups of professionals and the wealthy. In my second book project, I am developing a framework for better understanding the plurality of egalitarian or essentially comparative complaints that help to explain why ever deeper class inequality is wrong. In my third area of research and teaching interest, I wish to understand how best to incorporate responsibilities regarding climate change into a wider theory of intergenerational justice.


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Ethics of Energy Policy, Spring 2017