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Public Policy


Advice about declaring for the concentration, internships, research assistantships, and awards is provided by Tony Levitas, Director of the Public Policy concentration and Senior Fellow at the Watson Institute for International and Public Affairs, and Academic Program Manager Melissa Nicholaus. Tony Levitas also advises in the areas of local governance, intergovernmental fiscal relations, international development and education finanance and governance.

From Melissa Nicholaus, Student Affairs Coordinator

Welcome concentrators! Please see me during my office hours before declaring.  I will go over the concentration requirements with you and help you pick an advisor that aligns with your academic pursuits. My door is always open if you have questions about public policy courses or the program.

Concentration Advisors

Geri Augusto 

Visiting Associate Professor of International and Public Affairs and Africana Studies 
Advising areas: Environmental policy; technology policy. 
Interests: Science and technology policy and higher education policy in the Global South; interaction between techno-sciences and indigenous knowledge in Southern Africa, Brazil, the U.S., and the Caribbean; black transnationalism; and visuality, orality and digitality in Africa and the African Diaspora.

Ross Cheit 

Professor of Political Science and Public Policy
Advising area: Government, law, and ethics.
Interests: Criminal justice, child abuse, ethics in government, the politics of food.

Alan Harlam 

Director of Innovation and Social Entrepreneurship, Swearer Center for Public Service
Adjunct Lecturer in International and Public Affairs  
Advising areas: Engaged scholars; social entrepreneurship.
Interests: Social entrepreneurship, corporate social responsibility, innovation, human-centered design.

Anthony Levitas

Director, Undergraduate Policy program
Visiting Senior Fellow in International and Public Affairs
Advising area: 
Interests: Intergovernmental relations, fiscal policy, subnational government, education, finance and management, post-communist Europe, international development.

Susan Moffitt 

Mary Tefft and John Hazen White Sr. Assistant Professor of Political Science and Public Policy
Advising areas: Education policy; health policy; social policy.
Interests: Policy implementation, American political development, public bureaucracy, education policy, maternal and child health policy, pharmaceutical regulation.

Jayanti Owens 

Assistant Professor of Sociology and Public Policy
Advising areas: Health policy; social policy.
Interests: Stratification, education, gender, race/ethnicity, work and organizations, children and families, population health.