Brown University
Public Policy

Peter Gourevitch

Senior Fellow in International and Public Affairs

Areas of Interest: International relations, comparative political economy, corporate governance, NGOs, accountability, Europe.


Peter Gourevitch received his PhD in political science at Harvard University in 1969, having graduated from Oberlin College in 1963.  He is Distinguished Emeritus Professor at the University of California, San Diego, where he was the founding dean of its School of International Relations and Pacific Studies (in 1986) as well as former chair of the Department of Political Science. A former co-editor of International Organization, Gourevitch's best-known works include Politics in Hard Times: Comparative Responses to Economic Crisis, Political Power and Corporate Control: the New Global Politics of Corporate Governance, and the Credibility of Transnational NGOs: When Virtue Is Not Enough. 


Gourevitch studies accountability among firms, NGOs, and governments at the domestic and international level. He explores comparative responses to the financial meltdown of 2008 and following, and why economic orthodoxy of austerity has prevailed over employment promoting budget balancing and austerity. 


The Credibility of Transnational NGOs: When Virtue Is Not Enough (edited with  David Lake and Janice Stein, and chapters with David Lake, “Introduction: Credible Ethical Action,”  and “Credibility and Compromises, Conclusion.” Cambridge University Press, 2012.

Political Power and Corporate Control: the New Global Politics of Corporate Governance, with James P. Shinn  (Princeton University Press, 2005). Japanese translation 2009.  

"Foreword,” The Politics of Representation in the Global Age: Identification,Mobilization, and Adjudication (essays in honor of Suzanne Berger, Edited by Peter A. Hall, Wade Jacoby, Jonah Levy and Sophie Meunier, Cambridge University Press, 2014.

“Politics and Corporate Governance: What Explains Policy Outcomes?” Corporations and Citizenship, Greg Urban, ed., University of Pennsylvania Press, 2014.

“Afterward: Yet more hard times? Reflections on the Great Recession in the Frame of Earlier Hard Times," Politics in the New Hard Times: the Great Recession in Comparative Perspective  edited by Miles Kahler and David Lake, Cornell University Press, 2013.

“Interactive activation in the Great Recession of 2008: levels and agency,” in  Back to Basics: Power in the Contemporary World: Essays in Honor of Stephen D. Krasner, Martha Finnemore and Judy Goldstein, eds. Oxford University Press, 2013.  


Global Corporate Accountability: Issues of Governance, Responsibility and NGOs.