Brown University
Public Policy

Kyle Howard

Kyle Howard


Areas of Interest: Political economy, national security, community level development, private-public sector relations.


Kyle graduated magna cum laude with a bachelor’s degree from Brigham Young University Hawaii, focusing on the potential economic benefits of tourism to less-developed countries. He won a university-wide competition, “The Great Ideas Exchange,” with a community initiative involving vermicomposting and a return on investment for a city through resale of the compost in recycled bottles. He also received the outstanding graduate award from the faculty of Brigham Young University Hawaii. Kyle spent two years away from college to live with and serve the Mexican population of Phoenix, Arizona as well as Navajo and Hopi Native Americans residing in nearby reservations. He spent the last five years working in Washington D.C., first as a financial consultant, then a regional manager for the automotive industry, covering a quarter of the U.S. He grew up in southern California and is fluent in Spanish.