Brown University
Public Policy

Concentration Requirements

Brown students declaring the concentration fall 2015 and beyond follow the new requirements "NEW".
Policy concentrators who delcared the concentration prior to fall 2015 can choose between the old ("OLD") and new requirements.

Electives: Please see this link for a list of approved electives for the concentration.

Old requirements: See this page for old requirements.

Public Policy  – "NEW"  – 10 courses + capstone

A. Core Courses (5)

Introduction to Public Policy
PLCY 0100

Prerequisite for Ethics course

Economics for Public Policy
PLCY 1600 (or ECON 1110 / 1130 or EDUC 1130)

Prerequisite for Policy Analysis and
Program Evaluation course

Ethics and Public Policy
PLCY 1400 (or PLCY 1700 T)

Prerequisite: Introduction to Public Policy

Statistics for Public Policy
PLCY 1300; (or POLS 1600 or EDUC 1110
or ECON 1620 / 1630 or SOC 1100)

Strongly recommended prior to
Policy Analysis and Program Evaluation

Policy Analysis and Program Evaluation
PLCY 1200 (or EDUC 1160)

Prerequisite: Economics for Public Policy
Strongly recommended: Statistics

B. Broad Policy Electives (3)*

Take three courses in three different policy areas.
Examples of some policy areas are listed right.
• Electives must be 1000 level or higher.
• Two of the electives must be PLCY.

  • Environmental Policy
  • Government, Law & Ethics
  • Health Policy
  • Social Policy
  • Technology Policy
  • Urban Policy

C. Specialization Policy Electives (2)*

Take two additional courses in one
of the policy areas you chose (total of 3 courses in
one specialization area).

  • One elective should focus
    on policy in the American context.
  • One elective should focus
    on policy in an international context.

D. Senior Capstone (choose one option)

• Honors Thesis (PLCY 1970: two-semester
  Public Policy Colloquium)
• Independent Study (with PLCY Professor)
• Public Policy Internship (with PLCY Professor)
• Research Assistantship (with PLCY Professor)
• UTRA Assistantship (with PLCY Professor)

Internship, Research Assistantship,
and UTRA Assistantship options can take place
during the summer of your junior year.

Find more details on the capstone page.

*Two of your five electives must be listed PLCY.