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Globalization, with its volatile mix of economic opportunity and social disruption, has provoked fundamental challenges to the institutions of political and economic governance. Global problems, such as climate change and labor standards, cannot be tackled by any single nation state; they demand new forms of governance involving governments, private firms, and nongovernmental organizations. This research program focuses on efforts to expand the regulatory capacity and institutional efficacy of individual nation states as well as these new forms of global governance.


Access to Medicines in the Global South

Climate and Development Lab

Cities of Delhi: Governance and Inequality in India’s Capital

Citizenship and Service Delivery in Indian Cities

Experimentalist Regimes in Transnational Governance

Fiscal Decentralization Indicators for South-East Europe

Global Governance and Transnational Civil Society

Going Beyond Governance: New Research Directions on States and Citizens in the Global South

Just Supply Chains

Pentecostalism and Political Culture

Re-Examining Global Policy Agendas via Interactive, South-Initiated North-South Dialogues

Reframing Islamic Bioethics