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Kelly B. Smith

Kelly B. Smith

Postdoctoral Research Associate

Department: Taubman Center for American Politics and Policy

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Kelly B. Smith is a postdoctoral research associate on the education standards research team at the Taubman Center for American Politics and Policy at Brown University. Her research focuses on American politics with a particular emphasis on the relationship among state legislative politics, bureaucratic politics, and democratic governance. She is currently examining the ways in which bureaucratic networks facilitate policy learning among bureaucrats and legislators during the diffusion of policy and its consequences for states as laboratories of democracy. Smith received her PhD and AM in political science from Brown University.

Select Publications and Papers

  • David K. Cohen, Susan L. Moffitt, and Kelly B. Smith. “The Influence of Practice on Policy.” In Shaping Education Policy: Power and Process, Douglas E. Mitchell, Robert Crowson, and Dorothy Shipps (eds.). Taylor and Francis. Forthcoming.
  • Kelly B. Smith. “Laboratories of Bureaucracy: How Bureaucrats Shape Policy Diffusion Across the U.S. States.” Under Review.


  • POLS1821J: “Rhode Island Government and Politics.” Internship Seminar (instructor).
  • POLS1770: “Education, Inequality, and American Democracy.” Undergraduate lecture class (teaching assistant).
  • POLS2580: “Introduction to Quantitative Research Methods.” Graduate seminar (assistant instructor).
  • POLS1130: “The American Presidency.” Undergraduate lecture class (co-head teaching assistant).
  • POLS0010: “Introduction to the American Political Process.” Undergraduate lecture class (teaching assistant).


  • American Political Science Association
  • Midwest Political Science Association
  • Southern Political Science Association