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Lambed Tatah

Lambed Tatah

Public Health Physician, Ministry of Health, Cameroon

Dr. Lambed Tatah is a motivated, team-oriented, and transdisciplinary health practitioner with a mission to influence humanitarian health policies through sound health impact assessment and research. Lambed trained in Clinical Medicine (Doctor of Medicine and MSc in Paediatric Emergency Medicine), and Epidemiology of Disasters (Erasmus Mundus Masters of Public Health in Disasters). He has over five years of experience in primary health care and emergency response, working with both governmental and non-governmental organisations like the MSF; and now he is a public health physician at the Cameroon Ministry of Health as well as a research fellow at the Health and Human Development Research Network in Cameroon.

As a transdisciplinary scientist, Lambed focuses on three broad areas: health impact assessment and cost benefit analysis of (humanitarian) programmes and policies, mitigation of disaster risks, and exploring ways of increasing new policy uptake in low and middle-income countries. Dr Tatah has therefore accumulated skills in clinical medicine, leadership, humanitarian response, research, statistical analysis and epidemiology in R Language.