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Samwel Luhaga

Samwel Luhaga

Graduate Student, Center for Language Studies


Luhaga is joining Brown this fall to teach Swahili. A native speaker of Kiswahili, "Mwalimu" Luhaga has 5 years of experience teaching Languages (Swahili and English) in secondary schools in Tanzania. He has also great interests in African English Literature and Africana Studies. 

Luhaga shall guide students to dive into the rich cultural practices of Swahili people in Tanzania and East Africa. Which aspect are you excited to learn the most?  A little bend of knee when (women) greet?  The philosophy of "Mtu ni watu?" Problems don't last or simply "Hakuna Matata". 

He will, step by step, guide Swahili learners with a blend of several aspects of culture and ultimately fulfilling their dream(s) of visiting (?) Tanzania and the East Africa, doing business(?) or simply adding another language in their shelf.

Through this course Samwel is also excited to learn cultures from other nationalities. He is ready to organize guest lectures on African English Literature and Swahili. 

Faculty and students who will be interested for a chatt or organizing a Swahili lecture can reach him at samwel_luhaga@brown.edu or during office hours on Wed 11am- 1pm in 195 Angell Street R102.