Watson Institute for International and Public Affairs
Center for Human Rights and Humanitarian Studies (CHRHS)

COVID-19 Training for Health Workers

CHRHS has partnered with Project HOPE to develop and implement a COVID-19 training program for health workers to rapidly scale-up response efforts in high-risk countries. This COVID-19 training will teach and evaluate trainees on core competencies, including biology and transmission mechanisms; infection prevention and control; contact tracing; screening and triage; diagnosis and management; stabilization and resuscitation; health facility operations and surge capacity; and risk communication and public health messaging. The training will utilize the Training-of-Trainers model to engage master trainers and coach new trainers, allowing Project HOPE and CHRHS to quickly build a cadre of competent instructors who can then teach the material to other health workers in their community.

To ensure health facilities worldwide can quickly benefit from this training, the curriculum is being designed for widespread replication and will be publicly available once finalized. Given global travel restrictions, Project HOPE and the Center for Human Rights and Humanitarian Studies are considering various platforms for training delivery, including teletraining as well as online, interactive training modules.