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Fouad M. Fouad

Fouad M. Fouad

Fouad M. Fouad

Associate Professor of Public Health Practice, Faculty of Health and Sciences, American University of Beirut
Co-Director of the Refugee Health Program at the Global Health Institute
Senior Research Fellow at King’s College London

Fouad M. Fouad, M.D, a general surgeon by training, is an Associate Professor of Public Health Practice at the Faculty of Health and Sciences at AUB and Co-Director of the Refugee Health Program at the Global Health Institute. Also, he is a Senior Research Fellow at King’s College London, UK. Fouad current research focuses on the forced displaced population with a special interest in the Syrian refugee crisis, as well as the impact of this crisis on the health and the well-being of the Syrian population. He has extensive research work on health workforces in humanitarian settings and the weaponization of healthcare in armed conflicts. 

Dr. Fouad is a Principal Investigator and Co-Investigator on several projects related to health in protracted and armed conflicts and health systems in fragile settings. He served as a commissioner in two Lancet Commissions: the AUB-Lancet Commission on Syria and the crises in global governance, health and aid and the UCL-Lancet Commission on Migration and Health. Dr. Fouad in author of more than 70 articles, Op-eds and reports published in top journals including the Lancet, PloS, BMJ, Conflict and Health, SS&M and NYT.




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