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Photo of Gayatri Vijaysimha

Gayatri Vijaysimha

Gayatri Vijaysimha

Principle Investigator/ Senior Research Fellow at Resilient Himalayan Homes, Indian Institute of Technology, Roorkee
Co-Founder, Bagheera Project

Currently the Principle Investigator/ Senior Research Fellow at Resilient Himalayan Homes, Indian Institute of Technology, Roorkee, Gayatri Vijaysimha is passionate about creating grassroot change through innovation. Driven by the need to democratize innovation, creating a more equitable and inclusive capability to solve problems using peoples ingenuity, science, and technology she has worked with communities to develop solutions that are inclusive and sustainable. Vijaysimha also established the Bagheera Project, which involves working with a community that lives on a waste landfill in Kolkata, India. Her work involves education, public health and disaster mitigation. 

In 2015, Vijaysimha worked as a research associate at the MA school of Development and a supervisor at the Human Rights Cell at the Azim Premji University, Bangalore, India. She has been working with them over the past few months coordinating the sustainability program, helping develop their social justice program, mentoring students and researching social justice issues in Orissa. Her previous work experience also included developing a mobile application to inform Syrian refugees both within the country and in neighboring countries about UNHCR services. Vijaysimha's role in Syria primarily involved collecting and analyzing data on the impact and effectiveness of Humanitarian aid delivery on communities and the technology used to reach out and inform communities on the ground of emergency situations and understanding the challenges humanitarian workers faced while delivery aid. In 2012 she helped set up Amnesty International in India and went on to work as a campaigner and researcher for Amnesty International. Earlier she helped the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation develop their community mobilization monitoring research, conducted across 18 districts in India. She graduated from Tata Institute of Social Sciences with a MA in Globalization and Labour in 2011.


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