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Photo of Homa Khoshsabegheh

Homa Yousefi Khoshsabegheh

Homa Yousefi Khoshsabegheh

Deputy Director and Technical Officer, Disaster Risk Management Office, Iran’s Ministry of Health & Medical Education

Homa Yousefi Khoshsabegheh is Deputy Director and Technical Officer in the Disaster Risk Management Office, Department of Public Health, Iran’s Ministry of Health & Medical Education. Yousefi holds a PhD in Disaster and Emergency Health and a MPH in Reproductive Health from the School of Public Health at Tehran Univeristy of Medical Sciences. Most recently she was a member of a national project team working on an Iranian pre-disaster rehabilitation plan. The project focused on the development a national pre-disaster plan for physical health and psychological rehabilitation of disaster-stricken communities. Data gathered from a literature review and expert panel discussions informed the process of drawing up unified definitions of physical and psychological health rehabilitation, carrying out stakeholder and STEEP-V analyses, and assigning the responsible organization and the collaborative organizations for each task. In 2012, Yousefi responded to the Eastern Azerbaijan earthquake where she carried out research on the delivery of aid to affected communities and evaluated the success of the humanitarian response.


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