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Meseret Kassahun

Meseret Kassahun

Research Associate, University of Johannesburg

Experienced professional on social policy analysis. I have an expertise on conducting social protection and child protection studies using quantitative, qualitative, and mixed methods research design and applying relevant conceptual frameworks, as well as suggest relevant policy and practice related recommendations. I have an experience in exploring regional level social development issues. For instance, I undertook a study that looked at the impacts of conflict on women and youth in the Horn of Africa. I also participated in assessing the implementation of National Action Plans on the Women in Peace and Security Agenda (i.e. UN-SCR 1325) in the Horn of Africa. In Kenya, I recently conducted a scoping study and participated in programme proposal development process on gender and social dynamics in relation to food and nutrition security for CRS Kenya office. Taught master’s level courses on Social Development and Social Change as well as Social Policy Development and Analysis at the School of social work at Addis Ababa University. In addition to my strong research-based expertise and experience, I have a direct practical project management experience in urban and rural development in Ethiopia.


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