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CLACS Reading and Study Groups

Each academic year, CLACS offers funding for student/faculty reading groups. Groups are required to meet at least four times per academic year in order to read interdisciplinary scholarship, dialogue with invited visitors, and/or workshop participants’ writing. It is expected that groups are open to anyone interested, draw from at least two departments, and have at least 5 regular members including at least one faculty member and one graduate student.

2018-2019 Reading Groups

Se habla español: Translation and Global Circulation of Latin American Literature and Film

Contact: erica_durante@brown.edu

The group's first meeting will take place on Tuesday, November 6, between 12:00 pm and 1:00 pm, at the McKinney Conference Room in the Watson Institute (room # 353). The meeting will be devoted to a Translation Workshop from Spanish and Portuguese, conducted by Julia Sanches, a translator of Portuguese, Spanish, and Catalan. 

Brazil Study Group

Contact: james_green@brown.edu 

The Brazil Study Group is open to all faculty, graduate students, and staff. The Brazil Study Group will be focusing on how social scientists and other academics have analyzed and understood Brazilian democracy in recent years. 

Interdisciplinary Migration Working Group

Contact: Nicole_Kreisberg@brown.edu; Zhenchao_Qian@brown.edu

Forced displacement in and from cities due to organized crime violence has beset much of Latin America over the past decade. Several questions remain underexplored, however, such as: Who flees in and from cities? What triggers such flight? And, after fleeing, what are these people’s lives like?

The Interdisciplinary Migration Working Group is a space for faculty and students across Brown's campus whose work examines issues of international and internal migration to gather, share work, and build research partnerships.

First meeting is Tuesday, October 23, from 12 - 1 pm in the PSTC Seminar Room (Mencoff Hall, 68 Waterman Street).

Contemporary Female Voices in Latin America Reading Group

Contacts: mariajose_rodriguez-pliego@brown.edumateo_diaz_choza@brown.edunicolas_campisi@brown.edu

The Contemporary Female Voices in Latin America reading group will engage in conversation with the Brown community about pressing themes being explored throughout Latin America by emerging women writers.

Para Puerto Rico: Activism, Resistance, and Solidarity

Contacts: elena_shih@brown.edu; claritza_maldonado@brown.edu

The Para Puerto Rico: Activism, Resistance, and Solidarity reading group traces histories of resistance revolving around the archipelago of Puerto Rico and its diasporas in the U.S. From independence movements to magnifying a colonial disaster post-Hurricane Maria, this group connects various scholars from a wide variety of fields--economics to sociology--to bring divergent examinations into conversation with one another. By way of a colonial history, each scholars work unavoidably overlaps. Through lecture and discussion, this group reads towards an investigation of citizenship, activism, race, migration, and Puerto Rican diasporic projects.