Watson Institute for International and Public Affairs

Ally Zhu

Student Assistant


Ally Zhu is a first-year undergraduate student at Brown, where she is studying English, Computer Science, and Business, Entrepreneurship and Organizations. While she currently lives in Hong Kong, Ally grew up in Shanghai, where she spent a lot of time critiquing cafes and pondering contemporary issues on her blog, Allywaytalk. Creating art has played a major part of her life since the very beginning when Ally started off in traditional mediums like pencil, acrylic, charcoal and clay, and later transitioned to experimenting in digital forms such as photography, video and graphic art. As someone extremely excited about the entrepreneurial process, she spent a summer interning at an ecommerce startup, Baopals, and later built her first startup, SAshare, which is an online platform that facilitates the exchange of exemplar student work. Outside of work, her interests include fencing, basketballing, attending Hackathons, and playing the piano and clarinet.