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New Directions in Palestinian Studies 2014: Political Economy and the Economy of Politics

Friday, February 28 –
Saturday, March 1, 2014

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New Directions in Palestinian Studies is a 2-day international symposium on the political economy of Palestine and the Palestinians.

2014: Political Economy and Economy of the Political

Palestinian studies has long been shaped by a hot and ongoing conflict and by the special place of the  “Holy Land” in the global imaginary. This has resulted in a hyper focus on some areas of research, such as  politics and identity; and a general neglect of others, such political economy and social history. The theme  of political economy, broadly construed to include a range of approaches from social history to discursive  constructions of “economy,” has been chosen as a focus for the first symposium, because it constitutes an  enduring perspective that has recently gained significant traction. Sa’ed Atshan  is the coordinator for the  2014 symposium, and Molly Ratner is the research assistant.

New Directions in Palestinian Studies

There is now a critical mass of innovative scholars in the US, Europe, and the Middle East who work on Palestine and the Palestinians. The field has grown quantitatively and qualitatively, with new lines of inquiry pushing in several new directions simultaneously. New Directions in Palestinian Studies, a series of annual and thematically organized symposia supported by the Middle East Studies at Brown University in cooperation with other universities and institutes, provides a space for systematic reflection on the fast-paced academic knowledge production on Palestine and the Palestinians. The symposia bring together established and emerging scholars in a low-pressure workshop environment to take stock of research trends, to identify promising new questions and sources, to exchange experiences and insights, and to encourage networking across disciplinary and field boundaries. New Directions in Palestinian Studies, is founded and led by Beshara Doumani. More about New Directions in Palestinian Studies »

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