Middle East Studies

Film Screening | Ma’a al-Fidda (Silvered Water, Syria Self-Portrait)

Thursday, November 10, 2016

6:30pm – 8:30pm

Cable Car Cinema

Suggested $5 donation to the Refugee Dream Center of Rhode Island

Wiam Bedirxan + Ossama Mohammed, dir | France, Syria, USA | 2014 | 92m

“In Syria, every day, YouTubers film then die; others kill then film. In Paris, driven by my inexhaustible love for Syria, I find that I can only film the sky and edit the footage posted on YouTube. From within the tension between my estrangement in France and the revolution, an encounter happened. A young Kurdish woman from Homs began to chat with me, asking: “If your camera were here, in Homs, what would you be filming?” Silvered Water, Syria Self Portrait is the story of that encounter.”  --Ossama Mohammed

Join us after the screening for commentary by Omar Bah, Director of the Refugee Dream Center, and Sreemati Mitter, Professor of Middle East History at Brown

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