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Middle East Studies

Graduate Student Summer Research Presentations

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Tuesday, October 25, 2022

12:00 - 1:30 p.m. EST

Birkelund Boardroom, 1st Floor Room 140, 111 Thayer Street

Registration Required 

In Spring 2022, five members of the Middle East Studies Graduate Student Association (MESGSAreceived research travel awards

Lee-Or Ankori-KarlinskyAseel Azab-Osman, Adel Ben Bella, Kate Elizabeth Creasey, and Carolina M. Mendoza will present their research to those affiliated with the Center for Middle East Studies. Mariz Kelada will be moderating the event.

Lee-Or Ankori-Karlinsky: "Symbols and Violence in Jerusalem/Al-Quds" 

Aseel Azab"Do What You Can to Keep the Good Word Alive: Salafi Subjectivity and Transformation in Post-2013 Egypt" 

Adel Ben Bella: "Photographs and the Algerian Revolution: Video Interviews, Algerian points of views, and Visual archive" 

Kate Elizabeth Creasey: "The 12 September Coup and Turkey's Place in the Late Cold War" 

Carolina M. Mendoza: "From Alquitebs to Aljofores: Investigating the Textual-Cultural Landscape of Early Modern Muslim Iberia"