Middle East Studies

Gaza 101: Gaza in Context: A Collaborative Teach-in Series

 Gaza In Context Event

Friday, October 20, 2023

1:00 - 2:30 p.m.

Live on YouTube

Featured Panelists 
Ziad Abu-RishFida AdelyAslı BaliRana BarakatRochelle DavisBeshara DoumaniNoura ErakatAdel IskandarMaya MikdashiSherene SeikalyLisa Wedeen

Moderated byBassam Haddad

The co-organizers are convening weekly teach-ins and conversations on a host of issues that introduce our common university communities, educators, researchers, and students to the history and present of Gaza, in context.
In this first teach-in session, we feature short introductions to the topic and foreshadow the conversations to come. We will also be screening clips from the documentary GAZA IN CONTEXT, which provides an analytical and data-driven background on Gaza. 

We are together experiencing a catastrophic unfolding of history as Gaza awaits a massive invasion of potentially genocidal proportions. This follows an incessant bombardment of a population increasingly bereft of the necessities of living in response to the Hamas attack in Israel on October 7. The context within which this takes place includes a well-coordinated campaign of misinformation and the unearthing of a multitude of essentialist and reductionist discursive tropes that depict Palestinians as the culprits, despite a context of structural subjugation and Apartheid existence. 

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