Middle East Studies

“BAD GIRLS” art installation by Bahar Sabzevari

November 8, 2014

Art at Watson in collaboration with Middle East Studies presents “BAD GIRLS“, an art exhibition by Bahar Sabzevari. BAD GIRLS will be on display between November 7, 2014 and January 9, 2015 at the second floor of the Watson Institute.

Bahar Sabzevari was born in 1980 in Iran, where she spent most part of her life before leaving for Paris in 2003 to study fine arts. Bahar’s works become a testimony to the weight religion has put on Iranian society, while responding to the pressures she has felt as a woman and an artist. She uses religious rituals, characters, and symbols as her props, and a backdrop to emotionally charged deformed and unfolding figure of women- often herself- to portray a “quasi” schizophrenic state, still responsive to the societal obligations while feeling suffocated by their restrictions. A commentary on the paradoxes she has experienced in the crossings of modernity with religious fundamentalism, her works express a continuous conflict with the roles defined for her as a woman in Islam and the reality of her everyday existence. Bahar lives in New York where she continues to pursue her career as a painter.

Works are untitled and are acrylic on canvas.

For inquiries on purchasing artwork, please contact the artist directly at baharesabzz@gmail.com.