Middle East Studies

Sarah Tobin Coauthors Piece in MERIP

October 14, 2014

The Middle East Research and Information Project (MERIP) has published a piece co-authored by Sarah Tobin, the incoming associate director of Middle East Studies, and Denis Sullivan. The article, entitled, “Security and Resilience Among Syrian Refugees in Jordan,” provides insight in life in Zaatari refugee camp.

Imagine living in a refugee camp. For most, that phrase is enough to conjure images of makeshift tents, dusty pathways, queues for water and food, and above all, fear. Now imagine living in Zaatari refugee camp in a northern part of Jordan 7.5 miles from the Syrian border and Dar‘a region, sharing an area only about three square miles with 100,000 other refugees in one of the most densely populated “cities” in the Arab world, with near-constant shuffling and reshuffling of households, food and water distribution points, and other services, and refugees arriving and leaving all the time. Who, would you imagine, is responsible for keeping you and your family safe, fed and housed? Who will help you make sure your children can go to school, and do so safely? Who, in short, is in charge?

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