Middle East Studies

Melek El Nimer in Turkish Policy Quarterly

August 11, 2015

Melek El Nimer is founder and Chief Executive of Unite Lebanon Youth Project (ULYP). After working with the underprivileged in many refugee camps for over 25 years, Melek observed that sectarian conflict in Lebanon is exacerbated by poverty and the continued isolation of the host community and its refugee populations. She founded ULYP based on her belief that all children and youth have the right to equal education and deserve the opportunity to fulfill their inherent potential as human beings. ULYP works on the premise that education is the best investment. Melek holds an MS in Accounting and Finance from the Bosphorus University in Turkey and a BS from the American College of Switzerland.El Nimer’s piece is about Lebanon’s protracted refugee problem and the work of her organization the Unite Lebanon Youth Project (ULYP):

“Lebanon has been hosting refugees for over half a century. While the Palestinian refugees have been present since 1948, the recently incoming one million Syrian refugees have only exacerbated the already unstable assistance the country provides for refugees. One of the most devastating consequences of this is the lack of proper education and academic opportunities for the youth. The author’s organization, Unite Lebanon Youth Project (ULYP), aims to tackle this issue through providing a holistic education for underserved children, youth, and women across the country. In what follows, the author presents an overview of the situation of the target beneficiaries and how the ULYP helps them meet the challenge of building a better future for themselves, their communities, and Lebanon at large.”

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