Middle East Studies

MES Alum Emily Goldman Featured by Watson Institute

April 17, 2015

The Watson Institute spoke to Emily Goldman, MES alum, class of 2014.5, about her Malian dance classes at Studio 8 in Amman, Jordan.

Name: Emily Goldman

Originally From: West Hartford, CT

Concentration: Development Studies, Middle East Studies

What is the West African Night dance workshop?
I teach Malian dance at Studio 8 in Amman, a local dance studio focused on using the arts for social impact. I am attempting to increase awareness about West African cultures here in Jordan by using dance as a means of community building and education.

How did you become interested and involved?
I was very active in the Mandé dance program at Brown, working as a TA for the class and studying with professor Michelle Bach-Coulibaly in Mali. Through these experiences and my experience using the arts for social change with an NGO I co-founded called Hip Hop 4, I have developed a strong interest in using dance as a platform for cross-cultural learning.

Why Jordan?
Jordan is a fertile ground for intercultural education because Amman as a city is increasingly diverse because of its role as a humanitarian aid hub. I was lucky enough to meet the co-founders of Studio 8 when I was in Amman for a summer internship and was inspired by their commitment to using the performing arts as an educational tool. Studio 8 combines by interest in the performing arts and arts-focused social impact programming, so it was natural for me to return after I graduated from Brown.