Middle East Studies

Stephen Kinzer published in USA Today

September 11, 2015

Stephen Kinzer, senior fellow in International Studies, has been published in USA Today. His editorial, “Stay out of war against ISIL: Opposing view,” discusses America’s role in defeating ISIL and fostering stability in the Middle East.

“Whenever war or upheaval shakes the Middle East, the U.S. feels compelled to intervene. The pattern is familiar: We see a force we dislike, we intervene to crush it, and then it returns in another form, more radical and more violent. Only if we break this cycle can we hope for a stable Middle East.

Americans want to put an end to the horrific depredations of the Islamic State, or ISIL. It is a noble instinct. Intervening with military force, however, would not stop the current war, but prolong and intensify it.” Continue reading here.