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Application deadline extended to 4/15: Mellon Sawyer Grad. Student Fellowship

April 1, 2016

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Please note: Deadline extended to April 15, 2016

Mellon Sawyer Graduate Student Fellowship

Displacement and the Making of the Modern World: Histories, Ecologies, and Subjectivities

2016-2017 Mellon Sawyer

Two Graduate Student Fellowships – Brown University


Middle East Studies at Brown University invites applications for two Andrew W. Mellon Graduate Student Fellowships. These are 9-month appointments for Fall and Spring 2016-2017. These positions are open to doctoral students of all regions, all time periods since the Fifteenth Century, and all disciplines in the humanities and social sciences. Especially welcome are applicants with knowledge of Middle East Studies and/or the broader Atlantic world and native populations. The positions are available for doctoral students who will be between their third and sixth years of studies during the fellowship period.

The fellowships aim to help create an interdisciplinary commons for the exploration of displacement as an engine for the formation of the modern world since the fifteenth century. This Mellon Sawyer Seminar addresses three overarching themes (1) Histories: Displacement as a global and historically enduring phenomenon; (2) Ecologies: Displacement as an environmental and technological phenomenon; and (3) Subjectivities: Displacement as an affective and discursive phenomenon. A common thread is a focus on displacement as formative of power relations of inclusion and exclusion. The Seminar, which will occur as a set of monthly events coordinated across campus by multiple units, pushes at the seams of the humanities, social sciences, and the natural and physical sciences by exploring long-term drivers of displacement.


The fellows will serve as researchers and co-organizers, along with a designated Postdoctoral Fellow, in coordinating the seminar and other events during the year. Fellows will be appointed to a Proctorship for Fall and Spring, with a commitment of up to 15-20 hours/week.


All Brown doctoral students entering their third year or later in the humanities and interpretive social sciences are invited to apply.

Funding and Award:

The stipend for these fellowships is $25,000. If applicable, health insurance, dental insurance and coverage of the health services fee would be provided by the Graduate School.

Application Process and Submission Deadline:

Please submit a maximum two-page Statement of Purpose detailing your interest in the position, experience with program planning and implementation, and current status as a graduate student (year, expected graduation date, competing employment or academic demands expected in 2016-7, etc); and a current CV to mellonsawyer@brown.eduby April 1, 2016. One letter of recommendation from a Brown faculty member is also due at that time. Applicants will be notified as soon as possible after the submission deadline.