Middle East Studies

Apply now for MES 1999E Displacement and Refugees in the Middle East

October 4, 2016

PROCESS FOR INSTRUCTOR PERMISSION FOR ENROLLMENT in MES 1999E Displacement and Refugees in the Middle East:

BY OCTOBER 15, 2016: Please submit by email to Professor Sarah Tobin (sarah_tobin@brown.edu) a two-page application for enrollment that includes:

1. Name, year, concentration(s), GPA, and a specific bulleted list of courses that you have taken and grades earned that you believe prepare you for this course.
2. A bulleted list of select events, lectures, programs or research projects that you have participated in that reflect your interest in the theme of displacement and refugees.
3. A narrative statement explaining why you are interested in the course and prepared for the experiential learning component in Jordan.

Priority will be given to MES concentrators, students with a record of scholarly and extra-curricular interest and enthusiasm on the topic of displacement and refugees, and will be selected from a range of class years and diverse interests. Final enrollment will be confirmed by Prof. Tobin no later than November 1, prior to the opening of course registration on November 3. Please keep in mind that the course enrollment will be capped at 12, and not everyone who applies will be accepted. Please feel free to reach out with any questions.