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Middle East Studies

Announcing 2017-2018 Middle East Studies Research Travel Award Recipients

August 17, 2018

Margaret Follett ’19 will travel to London this summer for archival research on 19th Century British steamship regulations and the the interplay between commercial and colonial conceptualizations of the 19th century hajj.

Benjamin Gladstone ’18 used his travel award funding to attend an undergraduate workshop at the 2017 Middle East Studies Association (MESA) annual meeting where he presented his paper, entitled National Unity in Narrative Only: Comparing the Jordanian State’s Treatment of Its Palestinian Citizens to the Israeli State’s Treatment of Its Mizrahi and Sephardi Jewish Citizens.

Rhea Stark ’18.5 will be engaging in thesis research in Hebron on how sanctity and violence coalesce and are jointly inscribed in the built environment and daily experience of Hebron which will drawing upon the forensic approach put forward by Eyal Weizman, analyzing the urbicide of Hebron that is undertaken under the guise of religious violence.

Elizabeth Wolfson is a graduate student in American Studies using the Research Travel Award to support travel to the "The First Century of Photography: Photography as History/ Historicizing Photography in Ottoman territories (1839 – 1939)," a conference where she will present a paper from the second chapter of her dissertation project titled Transnational Domesticity and Women’s Work in the Photographic Archive of Robert College.