Middle East Studies

‘Trending Globally’ podcast with Nadje Al-Ali

December 9, 2019

Policy-makers and the media have a problem when it comes to talking about gender in many Muslim-majority nations: too often it’s discussed only in the context of religion or culture, and politics is left out of the equation. Sarah Baldwin talks with Nadje Al-Ali, an anthropologist at Watson's Center for Middle East Studies, working to change that. They discuss the various ways gender and politics intersect in Muslim-majority countries, at scales both local and global, as well as Al-Ali’s recently published book Gender, Islam & Governance (Edinburgh University Press, 2019).

In part two, co-editors of Gender, Islam & Governance Deniz Kandiyoti and Kathryn Spellman-Poots join Nadje Al-Ali and Sarah Baldwin to break down the one-dimensional view of women in Muslim-majority countries; as subjugated, and in need of help in their liberation. Their conversation with Sarah explores the complex politics of gender, challenging prevailing views on the lives of women in this part of the world.

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