Middle East Studies

Alia Al-Senussi

Affiliated Scholar 2019-20


Alia Al-Senussi’s research interests are in the political, cultural and societal connections of the arts and arts patronageIn 2019 she received her PhD in Politics from SOAS in the UK. Her doctoral research examines the nexus of institutions of power, national identity, and art and culture, featuring a case study on patronage in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Her dissertation explores contemporary visual artists and their contributions towards social change in Saudi Arabia, addressing the nature and structure of power through investigation of current politics and development in the country. It also investigates the challenges, limitations, and opportunities for artists in shaping debates about culture, politics, and power.

A dedicated supporter of the arts, Alia holds a variety of non-profit board and committee positions which promote patronage of the arts in London as well as collecting and patronage in the Middle East.