Middle East Studies

Raef Zreik

Raef Zreik is an associate professor of Jurisprudence at Ono Academic College, Israel; and a senior researcher at the Jerusalem Van Leer Institute. Dr. Zreik holds first and second degrees in law from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. He also has an LLM from Columbia Law School and a PhD from Harvard Law School. His doctoral dissertation dealt with Kant’s concept of legal right and the transition from questions of ethics to questions of law. His main fields of research include legal and political philosophy. Dr. Zreik was a guest lecturer at Georgetown Law and at the Cogut Institute for the Humanities at Brown University. His research addresses questions pertaining to legal and political theory and issues of citizenship and identity, Zionism, and the Palestinian question. His numerous publications in these fields have appeared in anthologies and in legal and interdisciplinary journals, including his most recent work since 2020, not including his articles written in Hebrw and Arabic, some of them co-authored: “Palestine as a Question: (1) Formation, (2) Justice, (3) Decolonisation (2020), with Lisa Damon and Noura Erakat; “What’s in the Apartheid Analogy? Palestine/Israel Refracted” (2020); “The ethics of the intellectual: Rereading Edward Said” (2020); “Writing and Guilt: Thoughts on Elias Khoury’s Project” (2020); “Historical Justice: On First-Order and Second-Order Arguments for Justice” (2020); and “The Palestinian Islamic Jihad Movement” (2021). Dr. Zreik is currently a fellow at the Schell Center for Human Rights at Yale Law School.