Middle East Studies

Swee Chai Ang

Orthopedic surgeon

Dr. Swee Chai Ang is an orthopedic surgeon and author. She is a co-founder of the charity Medical Aid for Palestinians (MAP). In 1982, she volunteered at the Gaza Hospital in Beirut, witnessing the Sabra and Chatila massacres firsthand. Since then, she has worked on numerous occasions as a trauma and orthopedic consultant in the Palestinian refugee camps of Lebanon as well as the Occupied Palestinian Territories. She has extensive experience in Gaza and is closely connected to the medical community there. She is co-author of War Surgery and Acute Care of the War Wounded, in addition to other orthopedic publications. She is also the author of From Beirut to Jerusalem documenting her experience in the Palestinian Refugee Camps in Lebanon and Gaza. Dr Ang told her personal story on Making a small difference | Ang Swee Chai | TEDxUCLWomen.