Middle East Studies

MES Alumna Katherine Pollock '16 heads to London after Carnegie Endowment fellowship

Katherine Pollock '16 at the Giza Pyramids

Since declaring my Middle East studies concentration at Brown, I have known that I wanted to move to the Middle East after graduating. After four years of intensive Arabic and studying the region, I was eager to improve my skills with lived experience. The AUC Presidential Internship Program was the perfect fit for me because it has allowed me to move abroad and practice my Arabic without sacrificing the professional experience that many first-year-out-of-college jobs offer. While I had spent extensive time in Tangier, Morocco and Palestine before moving to Cairo, this city has proven to be a completely unique experience. It has been fascinating, at times difficult, but always rewarding to navigate the country's many challenges, which most recently have centered on the flotation of the Egyptian pound and the ensuing economic crisis. In August, I'll be moving to DC to work for a year as a James C. Gaither Junior Fellow at the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace. While I am extremely sad to leave Cairo behind, I am eager to begin applying my studies and experiences to progressive policy making for peace building and conflict resolution within the American context. After finishing my year as a Junior Fellow at the Carnegie Endowment, I've moved to London and started an MA program in Intensive Arabic and Near and Middle Eastern Studies at the School of Oriental and African Studies (SOAS) in London.